WOLF 196-507-000 trailer for riding mower lawn tractor 340 KG

Here are some WOLF 196-507-000 trailer for riding mower lawn tractor 340 KG

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Top 3 WOLF 196-507-000 trailer for riding mower lawn tractor 340 KG

Top 3 WOLF 196-507-000 trailer for riding mower lawn tractor 340 KG

WOLF 196-507-000 trailer for riding mower lawn tractor 340 KG
Guide [year]

The brand WOLF is one established in Germany Brand, which manufactures in their own country. Especially in the field of lawn tractors pendant The brand was able to make a name for itself over its competitors and successfully put it on the market in the last 20 years review the Pendant 196-507-000 before and shine through this according to all criteria. The specified total weight of the trailer amounts 340 kg, but we do that own weight from 42 kg have to settle. Thus we come to one price from 0,86 euros Per kilogram at payload. The payload the trailer is so with 298 kg significantly higher than some other models overall dimensions of the trailer are 82.5 x 124.4 x 30 cm and we calculate on the basis of when dimensions of 97 cm x 76 cm x 29 cm has a content of 214 liters. So we can do one price from 1.73 euros per kg liter Calculate charge, which is average. The trailer launches at this point Price-performance ratio which can compete well with the competition.

Assembly and stability

The assembly The trailer needs a certain amount of time, but it has few tools realizable. Overall, the frame makes a very good and stable impression. By the very low total weight and the heavy ones tin tub on the top we doubt a little at the stability under load, but that will be review show.The simple tire with a standard groove profile provide the necessary adhesion to dry surfaces, but could cause problems on wet surfaces tub makes an extremely stable impression, as if she could handle much more than the manufacturer trusts her. The sheet metal construction is reinforced by creases at the top and at the corners with angles screwed. The underside of the tub is supported over a large area and therefore gives way burden only slightly after. The im delivery integrated pin coupling make one of the total load reasonable impression and should that mass can draw easily. With its extremely low width from only 82.5 Centimeters, the trailer fits in every available gap and driveway.

Functions and accessories

The wolf pendant has one tailboard at the back, which can also be dismantled. It makes that easier loading and unloaded tremendous and is especially helpful when charging large and heavy cargo parts. The side walls are however rigid and can not be moved. He has a standard by default Pin coupling, which makes the trailer to various towing vehicles possible. Due to the specified total weight This coupling has to endure quite large forces Rocking the tub is also provided. This can be used to facilitate unloading of transported goods and also has a fuse against unintentional tilting. The tipping So we are in every respect according to our ideas.

The stress review

The loading The loading opening is uncomplicated. Only the removal of the tailboard caused a little difficulty, because the mechanical connection is a little stiff. These connection could certainly be made easy with a little tuition. Otherwise, the met flap their purpose and settled for the loading reassemble with a little effort. The tin tub makes under load a very good figure and holds the full burden was standing. The downside is again that the creases must be protected in the sheet metal at all costs, since of them the entire stability the tub depends.Other components such as the Tire, the axis and the substructure to support the tub also show little impressed by the load. Due to the very small wheelbase, the trailer fits in every little corner, but steers a little hard under full load. He can still be moved by a strong person alone, in case of doubt, however, a second person to fuse be retrieved pin coupling Although makes a faint first impression, keeps the full burden but easily stood and anchored the trailer safely with the towing vehicle.

Our review conclusion

The wolf 196-507-000 trailer for Riding mower Lawn tractor 340 KG makes a good overall impression and is ours Lawn tractor trailer review in every category. Especially the mechanical one load-bearing capacity shows the good Quality, which the manufacturer supplies with this trailer. The clutch, pan, axle, tilting device and tires can handle large loads without deforming or causing damage. Weaknesses of the Wolf trailer are only the very stiff tailboard and the complicated maneuverability by hand under great load tipping can be used under load a little more difficult, but at the higher total weight is, as it can show some other models. Overall we are therefore satisfied with the result. The trailer receives a good from us Appreciation from 1.6 and conquered with it 5th place in our lawn tractor Trailer Test [year]. Lawn tractor trailer now on Amazon view! Processing Functions Handling & comfort Price / performance

5th place

The Wolf trailer for lawn tractor receives from us a good overall rating of 1.6 and conquered the 5th place in our lawn tractor trailer review [year]th User Rating: Be the first one!

WOLF 196-507-000 trailer for riding mower lawn tractor 340 KG

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