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The company Wolf was indeed in our 5th place already presented, so we come here directly to the product. The next reviewed trailer of the manufacturer, 190-236A000 plastic pendant, is a completely different model. This pendant has a very low one own weight from just once 27 kg, what's special about the operation and maneuvering a big one by hand advantage brings. The overall dimensions are 105 cm x 74 cm x 27 cm and we see that it is the narrowest trailer so far, if we from the overall width ausgehen.Das loading volume Unfortunately, we could not make out the trailer exactly because the manufacturer's details are missing. The content of tub is a little smaller than the competition, which makes us at about 230 liters estimate. Based on our assumption, we come to one price from 1.22 euros Per liter in volume and thus move in the average range. The maximum payload the trailer is included according to the manufacturer 227 kg and thus represents the lowest ever among ours Comparative Test winners At the current purchase price we calculate one price from 1.23 euros Per kilogram payload and thus get a very good price result.

Assembly and stability

Due to the completely delivered plastic tub designed the construction very easy. Only a small number of screws must be used to the construction to be able to put into operation. The trailer overall works very well compact and not very nice due to the plastic tub stable, but the lower one total weight he should easily wear after the first impression substructure to support the tub makes a safe impression and consists of two reinforced with profiling Sheets. These must be the whole mass carry the tub including the load. The diameter of the axis is significantly smaller than comparable models, but also on the lower payload can be returned. The tire also have a simple one here profile and are filled with air. The pendant has a great feature in shape a firmly attached support instead of Clutch.Through this support The trailer can be parked even if no towing vehicle is attached.

Functions and accessories

On a trailer hitch It was omitted as standard, but thanks to the preparation, this could still be retrofitted from a large selection of models. As mentioned above, the trailer has one instead support for parking tub has a device for Rocking the charge and designed with that unload the load much easier. These tipping can also be secured against accidental tipping over. Another particularity At this trailer the company Wolf is that one greater handle was attached to the front two functions: First, it allows the trailer without towing vehicle like a normal wheelbarrow secondly, it simplifies that Rocking the charge by giving it its own power through more leverage strengthened. We reward this creativity of the manufacturer with a big one plus,

The stress review

In the burden to the limit, the trailer fulfills its function, the tub However, it makes a few dangerous sounding sounds. She holds the maximum burden However, several times, so seems stable enough. The supporting construction below the sink fulfills its purpose and distributes that mass very well. The profile sheets carry the load sovereign.The small ones tire and the thin one axis keep the specified maximum load but should not be burdened beyond this point, as they obviously are not designed for it. Under full load begins the Axis, to deform easily. A large plus goes to the additional handle in form of bracketbecause the tub on this handle, even under full load can still tilt without any problems.Ebenfalls allows the Handle, to move the pendant by hand without having to seriously bend the back.

Our review conclusion

The manufacturer has brought here a model in the race, which with a special function could score. The attachment of the additional handle At the front is an easy method, a combi boiler to create, which as wheelbarrow and at the same time as a lawn tractor pendant can be used. These creativity clearly pays off in the handling. The trailer proves itself in the field review as a good overall device, which is easy to handle and with a suitable one clutch can be connected to almost all towing vehicles. The narrow wheelbase is by the handle relativized and the trailer steers thus, even under load, very well. Another plus is that that Rocking even for a weak person is not a problem, since the handle extended the lever. The weaknesses of the trailer are in the range of size, of filling volume and the Payload. In all cases we find here least Device in ours review in front. With the specified loads, the trailer proves to be stable and reliable, but should urgently on one Overload be respected Appreciation the trailer is good despite the above mentioned points and we can do a good conscience here rating from 1.7 forgive. We think it's a pity, because there would have been much more inside, if it was not a saving model would act. Lawn tractor trailer now on Amazon view! Processing Functions Handling & comfort Price / performance

6th place

The trailer turns out in the practical review as a good overall device and we can give a clear conscience rating of 1.7 here. User Rating: Be the first one!



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