When the lawnmower reaches its limits: solutions for lawn edges

Here are some When the lawnmower reaches its limits: solutions for lawn edges

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Top 3 When the lawnmower reaches its limits: solutions for lawn edges

Top 3 When the lawnmower reaches its limits: solutions for lawn edges

When the lawnmower reaches its limits: solutions for lawn edges
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When the lawnmower reaches its limits, other tools must be used to cleanly remove lawn edges, as the overhanging blades can severely disrupt the overall appearance of the otherwise well-maintained lawn. There are different tools to make the lawn edges to end.

Grass trimmers & brushcutter help

This includes the grass trimmer, They cut lawn edges, like a scythe, and are guided by hand. The grass trimmer makes it possible to reach places that are not reached by a lawnmower. With the device you can easily reach problem areas and remove the protruding, disturbing lawn edges. Grass trimmers and brushcutters are similar in design and performance. The difference between the two devices arises Shape of a plastic thread which is contained in the grass trimmer and serves as a cutting device, in a brushcutter but are fixed blades. Grass trimmers are not quite as powerful as brushcutters, but have another advantage because the plastic trench is very flexible and ensures that facades, tree bark and fences can not be damaged by accident. This allows only the near use at edges and corners. Modern grass trimmers convince with new technologies, because they have been developed continuously. The power and stability of a lawn trimmer is enormous and at the same time low weight, which is responsible for the fact that the trimmer can be worn and used easily over a long period of time. They are equipped with either a rechargeable battery or an electric motor. Grass trimmers with an electric motor are now very efficient and efficient because they use the energy available very sparingly. There are modern lawn trimmers weighing less than 2 kilograms. When it comes to a high-quality grass trimmer, this is also evident, for example, in its long service life. However, the trim thread belongs to the wear parts and is supplied by a spool. With good equipment, the coil can be replaced quickly and without prior knowledge.

Grass trimmer or brushcutter? A comparison!

A brushcutter is more powerful than a grass trimmer and is also able to remove lawn edges and other weeds. Even woody scrub no longer has a chance through the use of a brushcutter. If a brushcutter is equipped with a circular saw blade, even smaller trees can be reliably removed. A brushcutter is usually used in hard to reach places, for example, on slopes, in Engen, if obstacles are to be expected or the ground can not carry larger equipment. A brushcutter is powered by electric motors, more powerful devices are also driven saving money with two- or four-stroke gasoline engines, working with a power of up to 4 kW.Brushcutter and grass trimmer work on the same principle, The motor is driven by a shaft via a gearbox and a rotating mowing tool, works in the free cutting process and does not require a counterblade. Various tools are used for cutting. These include one or more sturdy nylon filaments mounted on the thread head or special discs attached to plastic wings that serve as blades or circular saw blades. More powerful brushcutters usually have only one Fadenkopf.Dabei the engine sits on weaker devices directly above the mower head, if it is a powerful brushcutter, the engine is at the upper end of the stem and serves as a balance weight. A small brushcutter is held and guided on its handle construction, while larger devices have a strap that can be hung. In addition, there are also brushcutters whose engine is on the Kraxe of a device operator. The cutting head is driven by a flexible shaft.

Alternatively: the grass shear

Somewhat less complicated are the structure Grass shears, but serve the same purpose as a grass trimmer. These often have devices that simplify storage in the tool shed or elsewhere. Some grass shears are powered by batteries and allow wireless operation lie well in the hand and with their help, grass edges or hedges can be cut that are no longer reached by a lawnmower. Battery operated grass shears are safer than models powered by electricity, as there is no danger of damaging the power cord. In addition, they are quieter and easier to guide than standard electric grass shears. Grass grass shears often have one ergonomic handlewhich is responsible for making the job easy and comfortable, and also the vibration of the hands and arms is rather minor. The battery life may vary depending on the power level, but should last for as long as 1.5 hours. This ensures that work can be completed without having to recharge the battery in between, if no backup battery is included. The less productive a grass shear is, the less material it can cut, but even under-performance grass shears are excellently suited to reliably cut off overlapping blades of grass. Grass shears are smaller and handier compared to grass trimmers. The change of shears should be easy if they are not sharp enough to be able to cut grass edges or hedges. With inferior devices, the change of scissors often turns a bit jerky. The lighter a grass shear, the easier it is to handle, too heavy grass shears complicate the work a bit.With a good grass shears lawn edges can be cut comfortably and own beyond that still an additional equipmentlike grass or machete. With a good grass shears you can cut not only lawn edges, but also hedges and bushes. If you are equipped with ergonomically shaped handles, the work is easier. Further relief bring bendable handles that adapt to the hand position. Smooth operation is ensured by integrated wheels and optimal scissor guidance. The cut of the lawn edges is much easier. The strength of the battery is decisive for the power of the grass shear. High-quality devices show the battery level and also inform about the remaining operating time, so that the battery can be recharged in time. The interchangeable blades are ideally non-stick coated and precision ground. The change of the knives should also be uncomplicated to perform, at best, this is possible without further tools. The knives differ depending on the type of work, so that the device can be used not only as grass shear but also as shrub shear. For the necessary security a knife guard should be present, which serves to protect the storage. For further convenience also provide grass shears, which are equipped with a telescopic handle, since there is no annoying stooping. A good grass shears has handy handles and non-stick knives. It should have a rotatable cutting head, which facilitates work in hard to reach places. Practical safety locks provide the necessary protection.In addition, a lawn edge needs loving care. If the lawn is not stopped regularly, it spreads to adjacent areas or beds and clouds the neat overall picture. However, this can be prevented with few means.

The English lawn edge

The English lawn edge is very pretty, but needs intensive care. The term "lawn edge" means the flowing transition between lawn and bed. It represents a natural variation and enjoys many lovers in our country. However, this method is not very easy to maintain because the edge must be tapped and cut at regular intervals during the growth period to prevent the turf from spreading to the other beds. If the lawn is rectangular, a long wooden board is suitable as an aid. This is designed parallel to the lawn edge, so that the cutting out of the protruding blades succeeds with a sharp Rasenkantstecher. As soon as the strip is separated, it can be dug out with a small shovel and added to the compost. Over time, however, this process creates a height difference between the bed and the lawn, so this difference should be balanced with topsoil.The Rasenkantstecher is equipped with a straight blade and rounded blade. He should always be sufficiently sharp to be able to sever the turf without much effort. Mostly, the blade of the lawn razor is located on a short handle that has a wide T-handle for easy holding and guiding. Especially good alternatives are made of stainless steel, because the polished leaf penetrates very well in the soil ein.Auch a sharp spade is very well suited for the straightening of the lawn edge. However, caution is advised, because you should not cut off too much, as the line between the lawn and the bed should be as straight as possible despite the curved spade blade. To remove the lawn edge, a sharp bread knife can be used, but this is usually very tedious and should be used only for small areas. To facilitate the care of lawn edges, the lawn can also be edged with stones. For this purpose, lawn edge stones made of concrete are available. These are also known as "mowing edges". On one side is a semicircular bulge, while on the other side the matching counterpart is attached. This creates a connection that looks like a hinge. The big advantage of these stones is the optional creation of curved lawn edges without joints between the stones being visible.Although paving stones made of granite, bricks and clinker bricks look more beautiful as a border for the lawn than the grass edge stones, which only serve their purpose, but the installation is associated with a higher cost. If you still want to use this alternative, you must lay it at least two rows and offset, so that the lawn can not grow through the joints. The lawn can be equipped at any time afterwards with a paved edge. For this purpose, the turf must be tapped straight and then excavated at the height of a spade leaf. The ditch should be about as wide as the desired lawn edge. The raised parts of the lawn do not need to be disposed of, as they are an excellent filling material for any gaps in the turf. The resulting trench is then filled with sand and compacted well with a Erdstampfer. The amount of sand depends on the thickness of the pavement. The guideline here is that the stones must be 1 to 2 centimeters above the lawn. This works best when they are brought to the height of the lawn with a hammer.Stone lawn edges are best maintained by a grass trimmer with rollers and a vertical cutting head. If the lawn edges are to become straight, a string is stretched already before the laying, thereby succeeds the enclosure with the stones very straight and uniformly. A curved boundary line depends on the tilled lawn edge. Large joints between edge and lawn are filled with topsoil so that they can grow independently. The joints of the stone covering are filled with plaster sand after completion of the work. Paved lawn edges that can be reached with the lawn mower require virtually no further care. They only need to be cut occasionally along the edge to cut the foothills and stalks. Also suitable for this lawn trimmer with rollers, which have a rotatable cutting head, are excellent. Battery operated grass shears are also suitable for use. The joints conventional paving stones require cleaning once a year with a joint scraper. After cleaning it is recommended to refill with sand, so that there are no unsightly gaps.Also metal lawn edges are popular and barely visible due to their properties. The narrow profiles made of aluminum, galvanized steel or stainless steel are virtually invisible and almost impenetrable to lawns and beds. Since the profiles are very flexible, they can also be easily used to fence curved lawns. They are available in different widths and in principle the best and simplest alternative. Through their use, even small height differences are easily compensated. In some cases, the profiles can even be screwed together. If metal profiles are used for separation, extensive earthworks are usually not necessary as they are hammered into the ground with only a hammer. However, if the ground is hard or there are rubble and tree roots, the earth crack is prized with a spade. Although there are fixation rods for positioning the profiles, with which this project also succeeds alone, however, the installation is carried out with two people anyway faster. The profiles can then be easily introduced with a plastic hammer in the ground. Another method is to support a piece of wood as a tool when using a steel mallet, as this could damage the coating in direct confrontation with the top of the profile. The result would be corrosion.Even lawn edges made of rubber are suitable as release agents. To do this, first dig a sufficiently deep trench with a spade.There are many ways to limit the lawn edges, instead of metal or stone, are also edges of rubber or plastic own. They are also environmentally friendly because they are recyclable. Another advantage is the low purchase value compared to the metal profiles. In addition, they are durable and hardly lazy. The sustainable lawn edges are available as meter rolls in different sizes, while the offered width is also variable. The disadvantage of this alternative is simply the higher cost of installation, as is the case with steel edges, since, as already mentioned, the previous excavation of a trench is necessary. When installing, the strip of the roll should overlap so that no gap can arise. The edges must be inserted so deeply that the blades of the lawnmower can not come into contact with them. Also, mechanical stresses should be avoided as far as possible to prevent damage. In all borders of beds, be it rubber, plastic or metal, the edge must still be cut from time to time, since the lawnmower is never in a position along all the edges to be able to cut off the edge. For plastic or rubber edging, it is also advisable to use a pair of grass shears, as the use of a grass trimmer also causes the risk of damage.



When the lawnmower reaches its limits: solutions for lawn edges

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