What safety precautions should be observed when mowing the lawn?

Here are some What safety precautions should be observed when mowing the lawn?

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Top 3 What safety precautions should be observed when mowing the lawn?

Top 3 What safety precautions should be observed when mowing the lawn?

What safety precautions should be observed when mowing the lawn?
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With the use of a lawnmower kick some side effects which make it necessary to apply certain rules that cover both the environmental impact, the noise level and your own security when mowing the lawn. The lawn mower can be considered as a small vehicle, in addition to the Terms advantage also some aspects of danger brings.

Environmental protection, gasoline and exhaust gases

Just Benzinrasenm├Ąher cause by the fuel exhaust gases and pollutants, the z. B. by a Two-stroke engine achieve the same high output as a 1930s car. Something better is one Four-stroke engine, Nevertheless, strong criticism was made on these devices, as gasoline lawnmowers Smoggefahr entail what z. For example, the Greens moved to propose a regulation in this direction that prohibits the use of petrol lawn mowers. The attempt failed because gasoline mowers are quieter in the application and so less noise pollution trigger. In a four-stroke engine is the emissions also lower, with devices now with additional catalysts and silencers are equipped. If you want to act environmentally conscious, you can bring your lawnmower with you alkylate operate. This is poor in environmental and harmful to health ingredients and long storable. Unfortunately, that is price of the device gas something higher as that of regular gasoline.

Noise and noise levels

A lawn mower, like a chainsaw, is a device that noise caused. Depending on the model that can noise be very loud and monotone, not only disturb the user, but above all the neighborhood. Depending on size The lawn area can vary the noise level between minutes and hours. For this purpose since 2002 a equipment– and Machine Noise Ordinance It has guidelines that apply to all noisy gardening tools, including a grass trimmer, a brush cutter, a leaf blower, a leaf blower or a chainsaw in addition to the lawn mower. This is particularly true in small settlements, residential areas or in the vicinity of clinics and Kurgebieten.Um not to disturb the neighborhood, there are fixed times in which the lawnmower may be used, and Rest periods, which must be complied with. The rest periods include Sundays and public holidays and the daily period between 8 pm in the evening until morning 7 Clock, Certain devices with noise level not allowed in the siesta be used between 13 and 15 Clock falls. This does not apply to lawn mowers, but to equipment such as grass trimmers and lawn edge trimmers, lawn blowers and vacuum cleaners or brush cutters. In the vicinity of clinics, separate and reinforced rules apply, while areas with reinforced ones apply noise levels more often allow other times, for. For example, in industrial and commercial areas where there are fewer homes. Basically, the user of a lawn mower to the rest periods his community or residential area and use the device only if they are not available.

Accident prevention and accident risk

The pure routine work with the lawnmower is, however, also with injury connected if certain safety rules not be complied with. The statistic speaks annually about seven thousand accidents in Germany, which are caused by lawnmowers. This includes overriding feet and toe, running children on the lawn, clearing the grass ejection opening of the lawnmower with hands, blocking knives and similar accident hazards. Frequently, such injuries result in amputations. Manufacturer from lawn mowers responded to the accident rate with improvements in the security on their devices, including one Knife Stop or similar safety circuits, the device is switched off or the machine is stopped when z. For example, to prevent such risks and hazards, the user of a lawnmower should approach the work in a controlled and focused manner. Before use, everyone should always Electric wire, the housing and the tarnish protection are checked for defects. children should generally be kept away from the lawn when it comes to lawn mowing accidents by using a lawn mower done by trying to remove or block grass leftovers knife while the device is on. The consequences should not be underestimated when the lawnmower suddenly does its job again. Deep flesh wounds, severed tendons and nerves, the loss of whole fingers are the sad result of hasty or ill-considered actions. To protect yourself, some can regulate get noticed. This includes, for example, wearing fixed Footwear, so that the feet and toes are protected. Some Shoes are specially designed for such work and have a special toe protection or a reinforced one Shoe cap.Just the use electrical Lawnmower demands attention. Advisable is also an additional use Safety goggles, with it by the rotating knife no stones whirled up and can injure the eyes.Even better is a general mowing before mowing the whole lawn on stones, gravel, branches, pine cones and similar firmer objects. Here then the flying of stones can be prevented as well as the danger, the knife to damage the lawnmower. The latter process can also be dangerous if small, broken knife pieces fly around. suitable Protective clothing, z. For example, long pants are the basic condition when mowing the lawn, if such conditions arise. A lawn can be considered flat and smooth surface be present, but also have a slope. Lawn mowing on a downhill is more challenging and can not easily be done in the same way shape be mowed like the smooth and straight Surface.It is important to mow the grass across the slope instead of just letting the lawnmower run straight ahead. Due to the gradient, the momentum of the mower can hardly be estimated. The lawnmower can also by the acceleration not only faster and more uncontrolled, but also heavier, so that the user can slip the device out of his hand. Also in the pitch Of course, the use of the lawnmower is much heavier and of greater use of the lawn area Mass. In contrast, cross lines to the slope are gradually easier to handle and prevent the device from getting out of the hands and causing damage, eg. B. collides with a parked car on the street. When using a electric lawn mower in turn, that must electric wire to be kept in mind. It can quickly happen that the lawnmower travels over the cable that passes through the suction effect is cut. The cable can not be easily mended then. If it has been damaged, the lawnmower should be repaired expertly, so that the use does not bring any new dangers. The electric lawnmowers runs along Electricity, so that even rain, moisture and wet easily danger can be. So the lawn should be better cut in dry weather, too power cable be used, which is good for outdoor use. Also Benzinrasenm├Ąher need rules that must be adhered to. Firstly, such a device may only be used outdoors, but before use Engine, Air filter and carburetor must be checked and maintained. The air filter should be cleaned, meaningful is also a benzene-free Fuel, which is then filled through neck. Hard to mention is probably the fact that during the lawn mowing with the Benzinrasenm├Ąher should not be smoked.

What safety precautions should be observed when mowing the lawn?

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