Trailer for lawn tractor tipper 225 kg payload from Kramp

Here are some Trailer for lawn tractor tipper 225 kg payload from Kramp

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Top 3 Trailer for lawn tractor tipper 225 kg payload from Kramp

Top 3 Trailer for lawn tractor tipper 225 kg payload from Kramp

Trailer for lawn tractor tipper 225 kg payload from Kramp
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The Dutch company Kramp, founded in 1951, supplies various parts for the garden– and forestry ago. By a built in 2009 central warehouse in Bavaria, the company specializes in supplying customers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The reviewed by us pendant is a compact device with external dimensions of 85 cm x 110 cm x 36 cm, making it one of the smaller representatives of the lawn tractor trailer dar bedliner has dimensions of 76 cm x 102 cm x 31 cm and we calculate one content from 240 liters Loading volume. This results in a price from 1.14 euros Per liter Volume and thus moves in the lower average own weight of the trailer 45 kg and is thus slightly above the average, the payload the trailer is, however, with 225 kg quite low. However, due to the low price, we come to one price from 1.22 Per kilogram Payload and stay here in the lower average.

Assembly and stability

Because of a very simple structure keeps the variety of parts within limits. Accordingly fast, the trailer can also be assembled by a single person tub itself consists of a simple one Sheet, which is screwed several times especially at the corners. The top edge was in the right corner folded over to make the sheet a larger one stability to lend.The outsides deform while at burdenbut make a stable impression overall. For the assembly A lot of stamina is required as it is a lot of screw But the conscientious assembly ensures a firmly bolted and gapless Tub. The diameter the axis is, though that total weight the trailer is low, chosen rather small. We fear that this could be one of the first places, which is the smallest overloading nachgeben.Die substructure also makes a somewhat weak choice. In return, we find here very well profiled and air-filled tire who should have no problem keeping in contact with the ground on uneven terrain. However, these are only one cotter and one washer attached to the axle and thus have a minimal but existing game.

Functions and accessories

The trailer for lawn tractor tipper 225 kg payload from the company Kramp has a simple standard Pin coupling, which is compatible with many towing vehicles. The Strength the splint is the burden chosen appropriately and should also be an easy one overload standhalten.Die tailboard lets go for the easier loading and discharge removable. The dismantle runs as straightforward as possible and allows loading without sacrificing damage on the sheet metal or paint cause.The tilt The trailer is particularly handy for unloading loose loads such as grass or gravel, which otherwise would have to be shoveled down in tedious little work. The tilt mechanism works fast and easy and is due to the low total weight easy to use.One lock against unintentional tilt is available and serves its purpose.

The stress review

The trailer made no particularly good impression under full Load, so we refrained from putting him over the maximum payload to load away. The sheets on the outsides yielded significantly more than other models, the indicated payload However, the whole stand stability However, we saw as endangered once the trailer was loaded unevenly. By those with little security For selected sheets, the load must be distributed evenly, since it would otherwise cause irreparable damage to the tub. It also rises by tail-heavy loading the danger that the trailer completely tilts backwards clutch and the tire Carried the burden without visible difficulties, but the very narrow sapwood, which secures the tires from sliding down, causes us a little worry. We fear that this will be uneven terrain and lateral load through banking give in or in the worst case could break. This case has occurred in review but not. The very narrow chosen axis was the main reason why review under full load could not be rated with a "very good". This was visibly under the burden after and we were afraid of one Fracture, should be more mass added. Under the rated load should the axis have no trouble, since the manufacturers are stopped with a certain security to count.

Our review conclusion

The great strengths of the lawn tractor trailer 225 kg from the company Kramp are in a relatively low price with already integrated Trailer hitch. He also has well-profiled Tire, the im terrain keep a good grip tailboard Although it is very easy to remove at first, it does after several times loading a little heavier. Here, dust and dirt settle in the joints, so that here and now must be cleaned in order to maintain the functionality. This is a general problem for everyone Trailers, makes itself more noticeable with this model, however, than it was the case with similar products. We saw the biggest difficulties with the load capacity of the Axis, their diameter possibly too low for the total weight. In addition, the tire only with a narrow one cotter against slipping off the axis secured. This cotter and the axis In general, the trailer is a reliable helper in the garden and in the forest, but should not be overcharged. So if you have no scales at work, you should choose a few kilogram too little as too much charge.Also, on a steady loading be respected, otherwise not only the danger of tipping over exists, but also damage on the trailer itself. Furthermore, care should always be taken when loading that the bend edge at the top of the outer walls is not damaged, as these are for the stability The walls are indispensable. Due to the small weaknesses we have to make a few prints, but still one rating from 1.8 awarded and thus have the 7th place in our Lawn tractor trailer review found. Lawn tractor trailer now on Amazon view! Processing Functions Handling & comfort Price / performance

7th place

We can give a rating of 1.8 and have thus found the 7th place in our lawn tractor trailer review. User Rating: Be the first one!

Trailer for lawn tractor tipper 225 kg payload from Kramp

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