Top 5 premium lawnmower brands at a glance

Here are some Top 5 premium lawnmower brands at a glance

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Top 3 Top 5 premium lawnmower brands at a glance

Top 3 Top 5 premium lawnmower brands at a glance

Top 5 premium lawnmower brands at a glance
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Gardena has become a world leader when it comes to lawn mowers and high-quality garden tools of all kinds. Gardena was founded in 1961 by Werner Kress and Eberhard Kastner in Ulm and initially dealt with the sale of high-quality French garden tools. Although it was initially rather sluggish, the first groundbreaking successes began in 1968. The business idea of ​​using the Original Gardena system to make the hearts of demanding gardening friends beat faster turned out to be very promising and is still considered one of the key milestones Gardena's garden system is an irrigation system designed in orange and blue – the typical company colors – in which a hose with hose piece, adapter and tap piece are implemented. Then as now, this hose or garden irrigation system is of central importance to botanists and hobby gardeners. To date, the high quality product range has been steadily expanded. From sprinkler devices, to rechargeable battery systems, to sprinkler systems, to harking and drainage systems, the variety of products is indeed remarkable. If you want quality at a reasonable price, you know that you can count on Gardena and its partners and partners Trading company is excellent advice. The rapidly growing number of satisfied customers has been gradually increasing, and since spring 2007, Gardena has become part of the now world-famous Husqvarna Group, which has its headquarters in Sweden.


In 1932 the company Sabo was founded by Heinrich Sanner and Walter Born. The first two letters "S.A." stood for Sanner and BO for Born. Since the founding of the company until shortly after the Second World War, the focus was primarily on the distribution of car oils. But soon it was possible to start something new with a second pillar, and thus pave the way into the wide world of technologies. So it was the company Sabo, which brought the first lawnmower with motor drive to the market around 1954. Since then, the company has been able to celebrate impressive corporate success with this product innovation, and over the years Sabo has established itself as one of the leading suppliers of high-quality equipment with a view to modern lawn care. Die cast aluminum housings and the TurboStar system are just a few noteworthy developments that Sabo has always been known for. In close cooperation with the well-known Jon Deere Group, Sabo is conquering the market with its more than 120 employees Considering the special inventions and the high-quality products and developments also counts as a leading company in lawn and property maintenance. The headquarters of the company is in Gummersbach. Ever since Sabo entered into cooperation with the John Deere Group in 1991, things have become steeper and more uphill. Since that time, the focus has been on the following business sectors: the development and sale of agricultural, construction and forestry machinery, and last but not least machinery, systems and systems for the Lawn and property maintenance and care.


Robert Bosch founded the company in 1886 as a workshop for precision mechanics and electrical engineering, which still has its headquarters in Germany today. To date, about 80 additional locations have all been added in Germany. Overall, the group of companies is today found in more than 150 countries. Around 132,000 employees work for Bosch in this country, while a whopping 375,000 employees work for the Group worldwide. The most important divisions of the Bosch Group are Mobility Solutions, Industrial Technology, Consumer Goods and Energy and Building Technology. It is interesting to note that the Bosch Group includes Robert Bosch GmbH and the further 440 subsidiaries and regional companies. Bosch's product range – almost 56,000 employees in the research and development sector alone – is immense. From small cordless screwdrivers to jigsaws and drills, from household appliances to drive technologies and medical-technical equipment, the Bosch Group today offers almost everything that the heart of sophisticated, technology-loving private and corporate customers desires. Basically, it is the extremely high-quality, high-quality excited. Last but not least, the moderate price-performance ratio certainly plays an important role.


When it comes to gardening machines, grass seeds, fertilizers and electrical aids for the garden and outdoor area, WOLF-Garten is always very well served. Until 2009, WOLF-Garten GmbH and Co. was active throughout Europe and since then has been part of the MTD Group, a US-based corporate group headquartered in Cleveland, whose core business is also the gardening industry. Not so long ago, the WOLF Garden group still employed over 770 employees and achieved remarkable annual sales. Surveys have shown that as many as 85 percent of the German population know the WOLF-Garten group. The company always advertised that it was not cheap, but worth its price. The company management is located in Zweibrücken, with the administration and the product and quality management in Saarbrücken-Bübingen. In Etzbach an der Sieg, the focus is on the production of lawn fertilizers and seeds for lawns, from where the entire European market is supplied.


The company Franz Güde GmbH was founded in 1979 and is today known to more than 5,000 dealers from the DIY sector, the mail-order and specialized trade as a renowned and reliable supplier of high-quality garden equipment, technologies, pumps and power generators. Heating equipment, power tools, woodworking equipment, metalworking machinery and many other products are also part of the comprehensive, high-quality product portfolio. It is worth noting that the name Güde has been known on the market since 1910, when it made a name for itself with regard to high-quality grinding technologies. In the main production site, high-quality products are produced on an area of ​​more than 30,000 square meters, and it is even possible to order or retrieve larger quantities literally "from now on". Both corporate customers benefit from the wide range of products on offer, and the private consumer can be sure that gardening equipment, including lawnmowers etc., will be treated with high-quality, high-performance quality right from the start in every respect in focus. It is therefore not surprising that customers in Germany as well as in other European countries always like to fall back on the high-quality developments of Güde.

Top 5 premium lawnmower brands at a glance

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Our Top 5 premium lawnmower brands at a glance

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