Tiltable trailer 255 L from JFC

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Top 3 Tiltable trailer 255 L from JFC

Top 3 Tiltable trailer 255 L from JFC

Tiltable trailer 255 L from JFC
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Founded in Ireland in the 1970s, Ireland-based JFC has been producing high quality and above all user-friendly products Plastic products.Especially in the sector of agricultural production JFC is well established and delivers all necessary product ranges of cattle drinkers and feed equipment shelters right down to the smallest Accessories. In the areas of fishing and transport objects, too, he has been able to establish himself very successfully over the last few years, so that it is no longer just farmers who are looking to diversify product spectrum from JFC Manufacturing Ireland. In our review should now be a tiltable pendant be illuminated for the lawnmower tractor.Also this trailer for Riding lawn Mowers is waiting with a relatively low mass from circa 35 kilograms and makes the user his transport and moving comparatively easily. The maximum payload is not specified here by the manufacturer directly, but is likely due to the nature and the construction of the trailer to about 220 – 250 kg amount. During our Testing, showed no difficulty with weights within this frame, so we at our Price calculation also from these 250 kilograms go out. At a pretty cheap price from 325 euros would correspond to the assumed by us payload So one price about 1.51 euros Per kilogram Payload, the trailer's own weight billed. This price corresponds to an average Price-performance ratio.The Dimensions According to JFC, the size of the trailer is 170 cm x 80 cm x 76 cm. In addition, a total volume of load area about 255 liters indicated, what a price from 1.28 euros ever liter Filling volume results and thus quite a decent Price-performance ratio in this area results.

Assembly and stability

The assembly of the trailer can be completed in record time due to the very small number of parts. The instructions are clear and easy to decipher, even with minor technical understanding. The arrangement of the parts is very well visible even without drawing due to the design. The base frame consists of a sheet metal construction, which makes a stable impression and holds first load reviews well. The connection between H├Ąngergrundgestell and connecting rod is a little too weak, but holds first reviews. However, we suspect that the trailer will give in at this point first, it should be overloaded too much. The tub lies on the grid-like basic set clean and is effectively supported. It should therefore carry the specified weight without difficulty. The tires are filled with air and form the only link for damping any unevenness, since the base itself is very rigid. The profile of the tires is kept simple, but is sufficient for the low speeds, however.

Functions and accessories

The trailer has one tilt function, which makes it possible to tub in a level terrain almost exactly 90 ┬░ to tilt. Thus, the charge The disadvantage of the tilt function of this trailer is that the tub can not be secured. An accidental Rocking when too stern loading So it is not completely ruled out. Furthermore, it is a simple one pin coupling mounted from the beginning, which can be used for attachment to various towing vehicles. Due to the low weight the bolt coupling is completely sufficient and no ball coupling necessary.

The stress review

During the loading the cheap-looking plastic tub This proved to be resistant and could handle the estimated payload without any problems. The tub However, this began to deform slightly, so that of another loading Apart and the payload on 250 kg The base frame holds the burden stood without problems and also the axis tolerates the full load. The low one wheelbase Although difficult the steering under load a little, but the low own weight compensates for this disadvantage again. The clutch tolerates the maximum load without difficulty and is unimpressed.Through the light tub out plastic It is possible with not too much power, even at full loading still to tilt. With the help of a second person, this should be possible even for weaker arms.

Our review conclusion

The overall result was good tiltable Trailer of the company JFC. With a stable construction and a small one own weight scores the trailer especially in the maneuverability under load plastic tub owns thanks to their special shape a greater resilience than you would expect at first glance. Thanks to their low weight and the tilt mechanism The tipping is only associated with average effort. The biggest weakness of the trailer is the complete absence of one fuse for the Tilting device. Because there are accidents due to accidental keel over In general, the quite favorable trailer from the company JFC, however, proves to be practical and reliable. We can thus give a good rating of 1.5 and thus the trailer on the fourth place put. Lawn tractor trailer now on Amazon view! Processing Functions Handling & comfort Price / performance

4th Place

Overall, the quite favorable trailer from the company JFC, however, proves to be practical and reliable. User Rating: Be the first one!

Tiltable trailer 255 L from JFC

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