The 'GTS Special SAE 30' by 'ROWE'

Here are some The 'GTS Special SAE 30' by 'ROWE'

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Top 3 The 'GTS Special SAE 30' by 'ROWE'

Top 3 The 'GTS Special SAE 30' by 'ROWE'

The 'GTS Special SAE 30' by 'ROWE'
Guide [year]

Delivery and packaging

If you choose 'GTS Spezial SAE 30' from 'ROWE', you can look forward to a quick delivery after ordering. However, this depends on several factors. Choose a online shop with a large selection of products. Wholesalers have a warehouse. Therefore, they have enough capacity to offer each product directly. So no middleman is needed and you get the product directly. An example of this is the dealer, Amazon '. The packaging is sufficient. It could, however, have been provided with protective pads. The bottle itself is very firmly. The material acts rigid, which is important in the storage of oil.


After you have received the package, you are about to open your package. Do not use a carpet knife for this. These knives are very sharp. Therefore, it is fast that you in the Oil canister cut and the oil runs out. If you do not have an additional container in stock then you are facing a challenge. Therefore, use only blunt tools to open the package. Take the instructions and look at them. Here you will find the safety instructions and a reference to the return of the used oil. If it is cold outside on delivery, the oil should first assume room temperature. Store it for a few hours in the living room. Make sure that the oil can not get into the hands of children. Dogs are also preferred Plastic bottle. Therefore, the oil should stand on a higher shelf. Wear protective gloves when using if you do not want to get dirty. Avoid use in the apartment. Oil is very heavy materials to remove. These include flooring, upholstery, textiles and other items.

Data & Facts

The engine oil 'GTS Spezial SAE 30' from 'ROWE' has been approved under EU law (as per specifications ACEA, SF / CD) developed. With this oil you do not have to worry about harmful substances. The skin will not be damaged on contact with the engine oil. However, the oil should not be swallowed. When in contact with the inside of the human body, seek medical advice immediately. You can use it for commercial petrol and diesel engines. It does not matter if the engine has a turbocharger or not. The properties of the , GTS Special SAE 30 ' from 'ROWE' are very suitable for lawnmowers. The oil film is retained longer and the engines are protected. The product itself has a total weight of 998 g.

Operation and functions

Customers recommend that this oil is first placed in a jar with a small opening is poured. There are special ones container for the storage of oil. Do not use a commercially available container from the Kitchen area. This can quickly lead to confusion. Do not mix the oil with it waste oilbecause otherwise it's his quality loses and becomes practically useless. Stand the bottle upright and straight. If you want to open it, you must use the thread in the upper area of ​​the bottle. Make sure that the bottle after the use is completely closed again.

In our practice review

On field review should be missing in any product report. Therefore, this product was one review subjected. This oil from the manufacturer 'ROWE' is just as convincing as the other oils. However, here too, the manufacturer has renounced to exact information. However, one use shows that the oil is very rich. The reason for this is its viscous appearance. It shines and looks very valuable. Especially nice is that this product for diesel and gasoline engines was designed. It does not matter if the engine has a turbocharger or not. As far as the quality of the 'GTS Spezial SAE 30' is concerned, only advantages could be noted. Therefore, the oil in our list not missing. After all, the sum of all comparison results after Erstansicht and in the practice for one ninth place and get the good Grade 2.1,


The field review led to the conclusion that the 'GTS Spezial SAE 30' from 'ROWE' is a good product. lubricity and additives could convince. The oil was also convincing in the area of ​​protective mechanisms. It gets the ninth place, because the manufacturer on continuing information completely omitted. See Lawn Mower Oil on Amazon now! Processing Functions Handling & comfort Price / performance

9th place

The practical review led to the conclusion that the 'GTS Spezial SAE 30' from 'ROWE' is a good product. User Rating: Be the first one!

The 'GTS Special SAE 30' by 'ROWE'

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