The engine oil 'HD 30' of 'Jewel'

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Top 3 The engine oil 'HD 30' of 'Jewel'

Top 3 The engine oil 'HD 30' of 'Jewel'

The engine oil 'HD 30' of 'Jewel'
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Delivery and packaging

Because the manufacturer, jewel 'on a small number of different sites in the Internet is represented, takes the delivery considerably longer with this product than with other manufacturers. Nevertheless, you can count on receiving the goods within a week. Then check the box. Is it torn or are holes visible? Then you should deny the assumption in any case. Furthermore, when unpacking and opening the canister to pay attention to whether the shutter is still complete. Once you open it, click sounds must be audible. If you can not hear them with your ears, the product has already been opened or not properly closed. There oil Hazardous Substances is, this point is not negligible.


Commissioning is possible by any user. You do not need any special knowledge to apply the oil. However, you should still consider the security measures and additional provisions. These can be found on a separate page Sheet, which is in your package. First bring the machine to be filled to a safe place. By 'sure' is meant a place that does not connect with natural components and living things. At best, place the machine on concrete or paving stones. In advance, a tarpaulin is recommended as a base. This is useful if oil leaks or a few drops while pouring next to the tank reach. Catch that waste oil on. This is a suitable Oil pan. However, everyone can plastic containers be cut open and thus serves as Container. The waste oil should then be placed in a container, which has a safe shutter features. The manufacturer will allow you to return the waste oil to the address specified by you. After the oil has been drained, you should clean the tank roughly. Make sure that there are no deposits in the container. Now the oil can be filled. This is the canister to open. If available, place it in a suitable place. Then he can not fall over and the oil is not spilled. Close the container immediately after use.

Data & Facts

The engine oil 'HD 30' of 'Jewel' is only available in a size with a content of 1 l of oil. The product has one mass from 998 g, 'Jewel' developed the oil exclusively for lawnmowers and lawn tractors. This is a ride-on lawn mower with a larger engine. It is important only that a 4-stroke engine was installed. Since other devices also have SAE 30, the oil can be used by others tanks If you have a motorized chain saw or a special cleaning device, you can use the oil for regular lubrication. The manufacturer offers you the Returns of waste oil, Furthermore, other oily substances can be sent. In addition, 'jewel' also takes used oil filters.

Operation and functions

Important Hints to fill your tanks you received when buying your machine. Unless you can remember exactly, you should use the operation manual to pick up and read again. The manufacturers of various motor oils are not to mention various information committed to commissioning. The reason for this can be found in the different forms of different devices and their motors. Every machine has its own Functionality. Therefore, you need the operation manual of the device to fill the oil. In general, however, it can be said that the use is simple. Open the Gas cap. Check for used oil in your tank located. If the tank is empty, you can fill it with the new engine oil. If the fill opening too small, you should have one funnel use. Alternatively there is oil cans to buy. These have a small opening so you do not have a drop next to the tank to water. After use that must be oil be stored in a room that has no direct Sunbeams to reach. Otherwise it can be too fires come.

In our practice review

Our field review leads to the conclusion that this oil is particularly suitable for private households. If you work as a farmer, you usually need a larger amount. However, 'Jewel' offers this oil exclusively in the specified size. The smell of the oil is not penetrating. It is a quality product. You can see it very well if you rub it between your fingers. The lubricity is very high. This means that the oil stays at its destination even at high temperatures. Furthermore, it serves as protection against the wear of moving parts and prevents rusting. This allows you to use your machines for a long time. The packaging should not be exposed to excessive heat. The canister is very dark, which is why it absorbs heat rather than a lighter one container, Again, the oil must be stored cool and dry. Only in this way will it retain its properties in the long term. The manufacturer could have provided more information on the country of manufacture, the company and the product specific characteristics. Since these details are missing, that gets Engine oil from 'jewel' to our eighth Space. It reached the rating 2.0.


You want to buy a high quality oil? Then you are well advised to buy the 'HD 30' from 'Jewel'. Within the review no negative product properties could be determined. However, the manufacturer delivers the product in a uniform size, This is low, so the oil is not suitable for use in companies. Besides, it could be more information give to the product. However, the manufacturer has waived this. Nevertheless, the oil has good properties on. Therefore it is recommended by us. See Lawn Mower Oil on Amazon now! Processing Functions Handling & comfort Price / performance

8th place

You want to buy a high quality oil? Then you are well advised to buy 'HD 30' from 'Juwel'. User Rating: Be the first one!

The engine oil 'HD 30' of 'Jewel'

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