The engine oil, 4-stroke Agro SAE 30 API SG 'of' MANNOL '

Here are some The engine oil, 4-stroke Agro SAE 30 API SG 'of' MANNOL '

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Top 3 The engine oil, 4-stroke Agro SAE 30 API SG 'of' MANNOL '

Top 3 The engine oil, 4-stroke Agro SAE 30 API SG 'of' MANNOL '

The engine oil, 4-stroke Agro SAE 30 API SG 'of' MANNOL '
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Delivery and packaging

The engine oil is available in many shops. It has a volume that allows the usual parcel delivery. To the Order To receive quickly, offer themselves to various payment methods. The purchase on account is not recommended for all people. If you are not liquid or do not settle your bills on a regular basis, you may not receive the goods when you purchase them on account. Also the payment per debit may lead to a delay in delivery. If the goods arrive quickly, virtual payment methods are much better suited. The canister is stable so that no liquid can escape. It is in a sturdy cardboard that can be carried without difficulty.


No commissioning is required for this engine oil. It consists of equal parts. Therefore, users do not have to mix anything with each other. Before the purchase However, the user should be sure that the engine oil for his device suitable is. Within the item Description you will find the necessary Information.Those who use the wrong oil risk functional damage. These bring high costs with himself. Avoid this situation and read before buying. Do not use the oil if it is stored too hot or too cold in advance.

Data & Facts

The MANNOL engine oil is an oil suitable for 4-stroke engines. This means that the oil can be used in tractors, lawnmowers, generators, pumps and other gardening tools. These should have an air and fluid supply. Special additives increase the lubricity. This feature makes the engine oil more productive. You have something longer, provided the storage Right. Furthermore, a wear protection integrated and additionally there are wash-dispersing properties. This means that your equipment will last longer, as this engine oil has special properties. In addition, the oil can be used with all common fuels. That's not the case with every oil. The canister is 4 liters and has an attractive design. That is important for the container can be quickly and easily distinguished from other containers in the workshop.

Operation and functions

The operation is very simple. First, the canister has an ergonomic shape and also has a handy size. This is very important so you do not pour the oil next to the container. In this way, the environment protected. In this day and age, this fact is not negligible. In the upper part of the canister there is a practical carrying handle. He lies well in the hand. Since the container with content weighs only 4 kg, it can be transported well. The canister got a screw cap. This one is stable because it is made of hard plastic. He does not overdo what his durability elevated. The opening is a pleasant size and is suitable for smaller and larger hands. The content gets out quickly and can be used in larger and smaller filling openings are given.

In our practice review

In our field review It was found to be suitable for every household and useful everywhere. The engine oil has a pleasant consistency and actually contributes to the protection of the machines. It is very productive. Users do not have to use much of the oil every time they go. Also the shape of the container convinced. The oil can be used well, with a funnel makes sense with smaller filling holes. The handle is at a content of 4 kg meaningful. As for the material of the canister, this is to be described as high quality. It can hardly be dented and the particle do not dissolve The waste oil can be delivered to any collection point. We are thrilled with the engine oil, 4-stroke Agro SAE 30 API SG 'from' MANNOL '. Although it is in tenth place, its characteristics are not bad. We find that this product should have the rating of 2.3.


Those who want to supply their machines with a high-quality yet inexpensive engine oil are well advised to buy the '4-stroke Agro SAE 30 API SG' from 'MANNOL'. The oil is very viscous and received a high quality Packaging. Special elements inside the fluid make your devices last longer. See Lawn Mower Oil on Amazon now! Processing Functions Handling & comfort Price / performance

10th place

Anyone who wants to supply his machines with a high-quality yet inexpensive engine oil is well advised to buy the Agro SAE 30 from 'MANNOL'. User Rating: Be the first one!

The engine oil, 4-stroke Agro SAE 30 API SG 'of' MANNOL '

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