The dedicated lawnmower accessories

Here are some The dedicated lawnmower accessories

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Top 3 The dedicated lawnmower accessories

Top 3 The dedicated lawnmower accessories

The dedicated lawnmower accessories
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To the Cut the lawn Not only is the appropriate lawn mower necessary, but the preparation for the mowing and the needed equipmentso that the lawn is not only cut, but also receives its neat image. In addition to the usual Spare parts which make a repair possible, if the device fails or once electric wire broken, there are also other accessories that are suitable to facilitate mowing.

Small accessories

safety goggles

A safety goggles is essential when mowing the lawn and should also be equipped with side protection. This prevents a violation of Eyes, especially when smaller or larger stones fly up, branches are swirled up or knives are broken.

Protective gloves

As with all work and garden planning are Protective gloves Helpful to protect against dirt and injuries. The trade is very robust sizes, but also individually hand sizes customized specimens that are easier to handle and sit well on the hands when using the lawnmower.

ear protection

Most lawn mowers are relatively noisy when in use. This not only affects the environment, but also the user. earmuffs are therefore well suited to facing the direct noise level hedge and so cause no damage in the inner ear.

Sturdy footwear

To prevent any risk of injury is sturdy footwear especially important when it comes to lawn mowing. Even through sneakers You may want to cut rotating knives, like sandals or similar light weight shoes. The lawn mower should be used with care, including shoes that go all the way to the ankle and have a reinforced steel toe cap on the front of the shoe. So even in a minor accident, the feet can be adequately protected. Generally, walking through taller grasses with sturdy shoes is better. In addition, more support is required.


The soil can be loosened slightly in individual places to keep the lawn healthy. For this, a lawn when mowing sometimes larger roots or stones, which by a shovel can be quickly removed so that stones or roots do not interrupt the work or get into the Schneidewerk. Just stones can they knife damage quickly, breaking then again danger for the lawn mower user brings. If these fly around, cuts are possible in the skin. The lawn should be prepared accordingly before mowing.

Rake and spade

Also with the garden rake Soil can be loosened, foliage removed, roots, weeds and moss leftovers removed. The rake can also be used after lawn mowing to demarcate adjacent beds or clean the garden path spade In turn, a lawn can be created or renewed. The entire soil is dug up with the spade.


The lawn should be fertilized several times a year without overfertilizing it. fertilizer exist as organic and mineral solutions that have a different effect and application.

Sand and lime

By sand and lime The lawn can be protected from bacteria, fungi and high humidity. Both elements are available in specialized and DIY stores in bags to buy. sand is less effective than Lime, because the limestone layer the PH value Just moss grows well on acidified soil and can damage the lawn quickly.

Lawn mower Brush

To clean the lawnmower after use, there is one brush optimal. Here not only can the knives cleaned and freed of grass, but also the entire ventilation system getting cleaned. The lawn mower needs as well maintenance like the lawn itself, to ensure a long shelf life. In addition to the oiling is the disposal all remains helpful.


To protect the device from weather, cold, moisture, dirt or sunlight is one Cover well suited to place the lawnmower reasonably and safely. Some units have solid garages or covers, others require extra tarpaulins to wrap the entire unit and protect it from damage.

Collection bag

The fishing or shred bag Above all, it can absorb larger quantities of grass, but is also suitable for leaves, gravel, stones and similar grass components. It can be used as an additional bag or installed directly in the lawnmower.

Great accessories

mulching mower

On mulching mower may be an additional purchase, if the lawnmower only as standard equipment is available. Mulching mowers allow a natural fertilization of the grass, since they do not have the grass in one catcher store, but optimally spread the shredded grass over the entire lawn, from which his nutrient refers. mulch is more natural fertilizer and therefore also replaces some of the mineral artificial variants.


By scarifying The lawn can be cleared of lawnfelt and moss. The grass is slightly scratched, the lawn can breathe better, the air circulation occurs more evenly. This makes the lawn again denser and looks neater. It is scarred twice a year. Once in the fall and once in the spring. In the autumn, the soil is prepared for the winter, in the spring it is scarred to the growth of new Halme The device is a scarifier as it Handvertikutierer in the price range between 50 and 100 euros there, and as aerator or Elektrovertikutierer, Devices that are a bit more expensive, but also handle very heavy and dry surfaces and soil. The mass of gasoline or Elektrovertikutierers is higher, So that the knife cut deeper into the turf, which is not always useful, eg. B. in the autumn should be approached with caution. However, these devices are better for big ones surfaces suitable while smaller lawns also with one Handvertikutierer In order to scarify the lawn, it must be prepared thoroughly. in the springif deeper in the ground is cut, the lawn must z. B. be fertilized first. As a result, the lawn is the nutrient faster and better absorbs and the easy exertions of Vertikutierens better as new shoots develop. Even after scarifying can be easy again fertilized become.

leaf Blower

The leaf Blower is for one larger Garden or lawn particularly valuable. Although some lawn mowers also allow the recording of individual Leaves, but when the fall arrives, the fall of leaves is very strong and, if left unchecked, quickly has a negative impact on lawn, garden and pond. The lawn is through the Leaf litter, which begins to rot in the late autumn and winter season, damaged. Mushrooms and bacteria form, losing grass nutrient and can not regrow enough in the spring. The leaf Blower eliminate the leaves fast and effective.

grass trimmer

The grass trimmer is for the fine work, can achieve in addition to the better lawn care jobs that a lawn mower does not handle. For this purpose, the lawn can be given a special cut that becomes a special one from the ordinary sight. Tall grass can be removed and trimmed with a grass trimmer. advantage a grass trimmer is u. a. that with him too very angled Put in the garden reached Most devices have a tiltable stalk and facilitate the handlingThat's right sections which are particularly stony or have uneven surfaces many roots, as well as places that do not belong to the fine lawns. Grass trimmers are something quieter as mowers, but differ in the noise level also in brand and device. Good and high quality grass trimmers can also cut smaller branches and twigs.


Also one saw is useful for a garden or a larger lawn when trees or bushes need to be trimmed. Branches and branches grow fast and can soon become a blocking effect to have.

hedge clippers

Often a lawn in the garden is one of a kind hedge or surrounded by other shrubs. These can be trimmed after mowing or freed from broken shoots. The Heck severity can also be useful for larger roots in the lawn.

The dedicated lawnmower accessories

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