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Top 3 Oregon lawn mower

Top 3 Oregon lawn mower

Oregon 42-100 Lawn Mower Blade Balancer

Oregon 42-100 Lawn Mower Blade Balancer Oregon 42-100 Lawn Mower Blade BalancerA balanced blade reduces engine wear and gives a smoother cutQuality zinc die-cast Product ...

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MAGNETIC LAWN MOWER BLADE BALANCER Magnamatic MAG 1000 Rotary 13216 Oregon 42047

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New FUEL PUMP for Oregon 07-700 Small Engine Lawn Tractor Mower Yard Garden

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Oregon lawn mower
Guide [year]

With the mowing machine In the LM300 series, the US company Blount International has expanded its product range of garden, agricultural and forestry equipment in the German and European markets. With the Oregon Cordless, the wireless Oregon mowing machine the manufacturer focuses on the battery right from the start mowing machine as the modern, nowadays more and more popular variant. Although the gasoline and the wired Electric lawnmower still in great demand, as this year's product review makes clear. Nevertheless, the battery is mowing machine, and to that extent the new series of Oregon, increasingly becoming one Gardening Equipment, with which all generations and genders become more and more friendly.The brand Oregon scores in the garden tools quite clearly with their cordless tools. These include besides the Oregon mowing machine the battery blower, chainsaw and bar saw, edge trimmer and battery hedge trimmer, as well as different batteries and charging and quick charging devices. The product comparison of Battery lawnmowers has clearly shown that the brand Oregon is extremely competitive right from the start. Also in the review has Oregon well cropped. Who already a customer of Oregon was, who can now his stock of gardening tools to a powerful battery mowing machine very reasonably priced.

The enterprise

Blount International Inc. was founded in the late 1940s in the city of Montgomery in the US state of Alabama. Today's headquarters is in Portland in the state Oregon; insofar the brand name comes Oregon not without reason. The original products included saw chains and a variety of equipment for the construction industry, forestry and agriculture. Today's Blount Int. Inc. was founded in the mid-1980s. At that time, the entrepreneur and manager Winton M. Blount bought the company Omark Industries and integrated it into his company network. At the end of the 1990s, about two decades ago, the product portfolio was for the first time supplemented with garden tools, with the focus on mowing machine, The world brands under which the various product ranges are distributed belong in alphabetical order

  • Carlton
  • ICS
  • Kox
  • Oregon
  • Speeco
  • Tisco
  • Woods Equipment

Oregon sells the product mowing machine via the nationwide stationary specialist and retail trade. Controlled and managed Oregon from the Blount GmbH based in the University of T├╝bingen in Baden-W├╝rttemberg. The European headquarters is based in Belgium. Blount has manufacturing facilities in the US, Canada, Brazil and China. At the end of the decade, the number of employees worldwide is well over 4,500, and the products are sold in over one hundred countries on every continent. Blount holds and defends with great success for years its world-leading position as a manufacturer of cutting systems for outdoor electrical appliances. The company benefits from decades of basic research. This is reflected every year in the new product comparison of gardening tools like that Oregon mowing machine, You could put it this way: Blount does what Blount does!

The product range

The mark Oregon® mowing machine is manufactured as a series LM300. LM is the synonym for lithium-ion as a powerful battery, with which the Oregon® Cordless mowing machine is operated. The models of Oregon® are divided into the three categories

  • LM300 as base model
  • LM300-A
  • LM300-X

Categories A and X include model types A6 and A7, and X6 and X7, respectively. The garden friend can thus at Oregon® under a total of five batteries lawnmowers choose. This year's product comparison and review show that such a diverse selection of battery lawnmowers rather the exception. The base model does not include the battery or the charger. In the A-models, it is a battery and a quick charger, in the X-models, two batteries, each with a charger. The manufacturer has the accessories on each one mowing machine cleverly distributed. If you buy the basic model without battery and charger, you have to pay a lot more for the battery and charger; The customer can also select exactly which accessory he wants for his Oregon® mowing machine Apart from the equipment with battery and charger are all five models of Oregon® identical. That starts with the weight of 16.3 kilograms including battery. The weighs 1.2 kilograms. The Oregon® mowing machine offers its user a total of six cutting positions and a cutting diameter within the mower bell of 40 centimeters. in the review that was an above-average cutting width under the battery lawnmowers other brands and models. Also with the two properties sound power level and sound pressure level is the Oregon® mowing machine quite competitive. The manufacturer's instructions are

  • 96 decibels sound conduction
  • 84 decibels sound pressure

The nominal battery capacity is uniform for all Oregon® mowing machine at 4 Ah and 144 watts. This can be the mowing machine with its brushless motor and higher torque are said to be extremely efficient. The rated voltage is uniformly 36 volts. With this combination, the garden tool is ideally suited to mow the lawn up to the size of 500 m² in one operation, ie without replacing or recharging the battery. The push handle of the lawnmower to adjust is very easy and done in a few simple steps. The nice thing about that Oregon® mowing machine is his constant readiness for operation by switch / pushbutton. The gardening tool is, unlike a gasoline engine, absolutely clean, odorless and environmentally friendly. With two of the powerful batteries, it's easy to mow a lawn of 1,000 square meters without interruption. Replacing the two batteries does rather the flexibility good that it means a loss of time.

The particularities

The really special thing about Oregon® mowing machine is his model variety as a power-driven battery mowing machine, Cordless, that is cordless, is the evolution of the electric-powered wired lawnmower, This holds Oregon at his mowing machine not even here in Germany. The future of the coming decade clearly belongs to the battery mowing machine, Here is a comparison with the auto industry and their vehicle change from fuel with gasoline and diesel to the electric car. Manufacturers of gardening tools like Blount and like others are already taking a significant step further Oregon® lawnmower is made easy for the customer. The focus is the operating mode with one or two batteries. The dense network of dealers is limited to the previous federal states, ie without the five acceding countries. There is a noticeable need to catch up here Oregonto align with other manufacturers, brands and models who have participated in this year's product reviewing. Generally speaking, the future is the battery mowing machine belongs. And in this future design is Oregon® in any case!

Oregon lawn mower

Oregon LM300 Cordless Lawn Mower

The Oregon LM300 Cordless Lawnmower, with 40 Volt battery, starts instantly and is equipped for extended runtime. This cordless push lawn mower is a ...

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