Operating and Maintaining the High Grass Mower – 5 Tips

Here are some Operating and Maintaining the High Grass Mower – 5 Tips

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Top 3 Operating and Maintaining the High Grass Mower – 5 Tips

Top 3 Operating and Maintaining the High Grass Mower – 5 Tips

Operating and Maintaining the High Grass Mower – 5 Tips
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Tip number 1: Noise protection

The noise, the one commercial High grass mower developed is not to be underestimated. Therefore, also here in the first place something about the typical SPL be said. High grass mower product reviewing 2018 have shown that the devices found on the market a SPL of well over 90-100 dB. But what exactly does this value mean. For example, 90 dB corresponds to the noise level of a passing truck on a busy main road. For example, 100 dB is completely normal in the discotheque. High grass mower review winner 2018 are therefore much louder than an average mowing machine and slightly quieter than a standard motor or chain saw. There are different features that the volume one High grass mower require. They are always based on the construction of the device – such as the Power of the engine, Depending on the model and Manufacturer the volume of a high grass mower varies considerably. Be sure to check the mower before buying operating and Performance data of the manufacturer. He is obliged to SPL Now, you may think that a difference of, for example, 10 dB is not big difference does, but you hearing It will immediately notice subjectively whether a mower has 90 dB or 100 dB. The reason for this is that decibel (dB) represents only a logarithmic quantity. 10 dB equals about a double value volume.The one constant noise pollution too strong Damage to the hearing can lead is known. The commercial ones High grass mower review winner Although 2018 are below the limit, even with short usage as Noise pollution and damage, yet you should apply accordingly precautions to meet. hardness of hearing is for example one of the most common consequence of such Long-term exposure. Protect yourself and therefore wear a suitable one Ear protection. By such a protection you dampen the sound pressure authoritative and prevent so that sound waves completely unhindered get to your eardrum.

Tip number 2: Optimum storage or storage

If you are thinking, one Hochgrasmäher To buy, you should already have some ideas To store of the mower. Normally, such devices are not exactly small and take usually as much space as two juxtaposed motorcycles on. a Hochgrasmäher buy and only at the end of a season about his professional warehousing Rethinking is grossly negligent action. After all, such a device costs a whole lot of money and it should also be maintained and maintained accordingly. A good warehouse for a device of this kind protects against any Weather. The solid winter quarters should have at least three solid side walls and a roof. In principle, therefore, every kind of shed, garages or else are suitable Basement rooms, The dry and frost-protected storage is especially important for the tank – bubbles are avoided so effectively. Likewise, it protects your device from Rust formation.

Tip number 3: Maintain knife and thread head properly

It does not matter if you have one High grass mower review winner 2018 or a conventional lawnmower, you can not afford to maintain and maintain the product. It belongs, for example, to all wear parts such as Mowing threads and knives need to be renewed regularly. Sometimes the cover for the mowing threads is battered and needs to be replaced. The same goes for the fasteners the knife – you too should always be intact and strong wear replace the parts yourself, you should on appropriate protective clothing respect, think highly of. So it is absolutely essential to exchange the cutter cut resistant working gloves to wear. Sometimes the knife hangs tight and you can easily slip and get uncomfortable trying to change it hurt.Sometimes it's worth taking a look at stockist on the Knife. Is it very high quality and still in good shape, can one regrinding quite an alternative to exchange his. The price is quite attractive: Im hardware store you can professionally sharpen knives of mowers etc. already from ten euros.

Tip number 4: Petrol or oil – everything correctly refueled and stored

For most High grass mowers will that Oil with gasoline mixed – this is generally the case with 4-stroke engines, The mixing ratio If you have a look in the Operating Matters throw of the manufacturer. Some mowers also need a special one Motor oil. This is to protect the engine. The tank of yours High grass mower You will usually find it on the side of the device. He is usually with a corresponding inscription or one pictogram marked as such. Use for refuel only the remedy, which the Manufacturer recommends. Also, you should be appropriate for filling devices such as a funnel or a A filler neck use. If you like, wear one mouthguard (because of the smell). Store only small quantities of petrol or oil in solid spaces such as the garage and only in designated areas containers (for example, canisters). Find out what quantities are allowed in your area and what conditions are attached. Sure, there is also Hochgrasmäher With electronic drive, However, if you want to work fatigue-free and efficiently, talk about bigger ones green areas you should care about using devices with Electric Motor Refrain. They have the decisive contrary to gasoline-powered mowing tools Disadvantage, that they are a comparatively weak one power provide. in the High grass mower product review In addition, in 2018, the disadvantage turned out to be that such mowers only make sense. Pay attention, if you have one too power connection to have near. Because experience has shown that the conventional batteries not long through.

Tip number 5: Your own safety comes first

You should also check the current weather condition note. When heavy rains or storms rage across your meadows, it's not a good time, a High grass mower review winner 2018 use. This is especially true for impassable Terrain, slopes and also Embankments. Move yours Green care work To love your health better on another day. So you should be using one High grass mower also to a suitable (working or protection) dress respect, think highly of. The Mowing Good usually swirls around in an uncontrolled manner and can quickly turn into a small – but painful – bullet. So wear next to a suitable one ear protection also one Safety goggles. When strong solar radiation also recommends a Headgear.

Operating and Maintaining the High Grass Mower – 5 Tips

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Our Operating and Maintaining the High Grass Mower – 5 Tips

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