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Top 3 Legislation about mowing the lawn

Legislation about mowing the lawn
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It can definitely be annoying if someone mows the lawn on a Sunday morning or at lunchtime. Noise on rest days and times is often perceived as an imposition. Just on Sundays and holidays There is silence in many residential areas, which is disturbed by the sounds of an active lawnmower. The operating noise of the lawnmower can be heard everywhere. Many people who mow their lawns on Sundays, make yourself extremely unpopular with your neighbors, But what about the legal side, it allows lawn mowing on Sundays or is it prohibited.

Current case law

The German law specifies exactly when a lawn may be mowed and when not. The German law expresses clearly that lawn mowing on Sundays and public holidays is not allowed. The Lawn mower noise ordinance from the year 1992 (Source: https://www.umwelt-online.de/recht/luft/bimschg/vo/8bv_ges.htm) states that the Lawn mowing is only allowed on weekdays between 7am and 7pm, On Sundays and public holidays, lawn mowing is completely prohibited. In addition, there are many cities and towns additional rulesthat determine the mowing of the lawn. For example, these rules may prohibit lawn mowing during lunchtime. Anyone who is not sure what the regulation in their own place of residence looks like should inquire with the city or municipality. However, there are also exceptions to these rules. Lawn mower that Noise of less than 60 decibels may also be used between 19 and 22 o'clock. Exemptions may also be granted if an application is made in advance. So you are well advised especially with one of the battery or electric lawn mowers from our reviews. Even a robotic lawnmower meets the requirements. However, Sunday will remain untouched, as noise is forbidden in any form on this day, as this day is for recreation and relaxation. It is problematic if a garden owner also has little time during the week and the lawn keeps on growing. However, there is always a little time for every garden lover in the week to mow the lawn. Many lawns are not particularly large and can be mowed within a short time. Another alternative is to discuss with the neighbors, if the lawn mowing after 19 clock this disturbs their well-deserved rest. However, it is an advantage that the Sunday rest is anchored in German law, otherwise the chaos would be great, because many people care It's not that the loud noise of a lawnmower disturbs its neighbors. If there were no noise regulation, on Sundays it would certainly not only mow lawns, but also perform other, noisy work. Especially in the summer time you hear in many places the sound of a lawn mower, which are put into operation in the gardens. The peace of many people is disturbed by the use of a lawnmower sensitive, since the permanent noise also penetrates through the windows of houses and apartments. The bigger the lawn area, the longer the noise pollution takes. At the same time, all neighbors have the right to comply with the statutory rest periods, in which even a lawnmower must be silent. Unfortunately, many working people do not have much time to mow the lawn outside of their job.

Lawn mowing with different models

Here, however, a distinction must be made between the different modelsbecause there are very noisy, but also quiet mowers, which include hand lawn mowers, since they have no engine. There are also differences in volume in motor lawn mowers, because electric mowers and petrol lawnmowers there are significant differences. Loud lawn mowers may therefore only be used on weekdays between 7 and 19 o'clock. There is also a "device and machine noise regulations" since 2002. This regulation replaced the old one. It states that, in addition to the ordinance, all German federal states with their towns and municipalities are entitled to lay down further regulations, which may include, for example, the mid-day of working days or prohibit lawn mowing earlier than 7 pm. The weekday siesta can be from 1 to 3 pm. The special regulations of the respective administrations clarify what is allowed and what is not. Despite all legal regulations, it sometimes happens neighborly disputeif garden owners do not keep to the prescribed rest periods and still mow their lawn. However, anyone who can reasonably talk to his neighbors will find a constructive solution without resorting to legal means. However, if you live in a large residential area, you can not make an agreement with all your neighbors and you must abide by the existing law. Nevertheless, the conversation with the noise-causing neighbor should first be looked for, before there is an unnecessary litigation, It is quite possible that the Gartenfreund the noise protection law is not known. If he is kindly made aware of it, he will certainly abide by the law in future. The "Equipment and Machine Noise Ordinance" complies with the European Directives 2000/14 / EC. However, the German regulation is stricter than the European one and contains further provisionsThose who prohibit or restrict the use of lawnmowers and other noisy equipment on Sundays, bank holidays and other times. Anyone who feels bothered by the noise of a lawnmower should politely inform the noise source of Section 3 of the Regulation. This section includes the regulation for 57 noise-causing devices, which includes a lawn mower. Whether for a lawn mower noise emission limits or only a labeling requirement applies, can be derived from the allocation of two columns.In addition, it is the individual cities and municipalities of the German states more To enforce rules. If there are no additional regulations in a community, gardening friends must adhere to the German noise protection regulation.Sources: https: //www.rasen-magazin.de/sonntags-rasen-maehen.htmlhttps: //www.nachbarrecht.com/thema/ Lawnmower ruhestoerung.htmlhttps: //www.nachbarrecht.com/gesetz/geraete-maschinenlaermschutz-verordnung.htmlThe Higher Regional Court Dusseldorf has made in 1995, under the file number: Az. 5 Ss OWi 149/95, a clear verdict.Quote: "In lawn mowers is common in many communities: Only on weekdays and from 7 to 19 clock mow, particularly quiet devices (less than 88 dB) may be used until 22 clock. Motor lawn mowers may not be used on Sundays, public holidays and weekdays from 7:00 pm to 7:00 am "Source: https://www.suche-urteil.de/?show=anzeige_urteil&item=39

Legislation about mowing the lawn

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