Lawn mowing and health benefits

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Top 3 Lawn mowing and health benefits

Top 3 Lawn mowing and health benefits

Lawn mowing and health benefits
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If you think that mowing is a rather tiresome activity, you should take a look behind the scenes. Surely it is always a pleasure to sit in the finished, handsome garden after work and then literally rest on laurels. To see how the blades of grass are getting longer and thus the lawn is always unsightly, for most hobby gardeners is verily not very uplifting. Not only the preliminary work are often perceived as annoying, such as the Beisöseäumen of toys, garbage cans, foliage and Co. but also the sweaty activity itself has a rather deterrent effect on many. However, as has been shown in the context of various studies, lawn mowing brings several health benefits. It is already known that exercise in the fresh air is already healthy. Out of the living room and out into the open. In the basement or in the garage and the lawnmower brought. If you work consciously with the lawnmower, the health benefits are indeed very noticeable. Through the even movements when walking or pushing the grass from A to B, your breathing is immediately even. This means that the activity of the heart is stimulated by this even respiratory flow, so that the blood circulation is promoted and the metabolism is stimulated. Considering the fact that fresh oxygen enters the bloodstream through the lungs, the cells in your entire body are literally revived or activated, and you feel better. Above all, the influence of the good air has a positive effect on your overall mood , Breathe deeply in and out at regular intervals to experience how fresh oxygen gets into your cells. Of course you should refrain from deep inhaling and exhaling if you are the proud owner of a petrol lawnmower.

Active for the heart and circulation

Mowing the lawn can also be reassuring. It depends on the right breathing. So you are well advised to go up while mowing the lawn, gently tense stomach and butt, to stretch the chin and slightly raise the head. If possible, also tense your forearm muscles and, in this posture, use the mower to work your way across the lawn. Now it's important to breathe deeply through the nose, focusing on both work and breathing at the same time. As you inhale, count slowly to ten. Then hold the air for about three seconds. Then exhale again and try to let the exhale last for ten seconds. Repeat this exercise about three to five times when mowing the lawn. Then listen to yourself: bet that you feel "grounded." Use the lawnmower to do gymnastics. Do not just walk from A to B over your lawn, but try to tense the arms, stomach, legs and butt while walking. This is good for the muscles and pushes the fat metabolism. Depending on whether there is a bio-container on your lawnmower that you need to empty from time to time, you can also pay attention to a healthy body tension when bending over and then walking upright. In addition, also here: do not forget the regular breathing. The influence of the sun is excellent for your vitamin D budget. In general, the warming power of the sun and the soothing energy help to improve your mood. Incidentally, the melanin production in your skin is stimulated, so you also get a healthy complexion at the same time. Of course you should not mow the lawn in the blazing sun. It is much healthier and more motivating in the morning when the dew has dried or when mowing the lawn in the evening.

Push the metabolism

Mowing the lawn is in any case a driving factor. And that's just as well. The more you pay attention to the tension and then the subsequent relaxation of your body, and if you do the work with a certain pace, then that is quite exhausting. Of course, in the most positive sense. When the sweat production is stimulated, at the same time the heart activity is running at full speed, the breathing is intensified, so at the same time more fresh oxygen can get into your bloodstream. If you always pay attention to an upright gear when mowing the lawn, then this also has an effect on the figure. After all, who does not like to do something for the stomach, legs and butt? While you actively and consciously doing something for yourself and your health during lawn mowing, you can enjoy the soothing power of the sun. This is a real good mood kick. And a positive mood is always beneficial when it comes to your health. At the same time take a look at the lush greenery in your garden. Enjoy the flowers and plants, the shrubs and the trees, and think through which beds you might be able to beautify or in which area you might add extra accents could. You'll think of something. So encourage your "gray cells" in this positive way – and let yourself be surprised how well you are doing.

Lawn – and the party afterwards

True to the motto: "The best comes last", you can especially look forward to the well-deserved closing time even while mowing the lawn. Imagine, for example, how you bring the lawnmower back to its original location in a few minutes in a relaxed and relaxed mood and afterwards lie down in the extra comfy lounge chair. Here you can relax to your heart's content and admire the fruits of your work. This is also a blessing for the senses. And if you like, just plan a little garden party with your loved ones for the evening. The thought of an upcoming nice event raises the mood again and as a result also has a beneficial effect on your health. Is not it exciting to see how many positive, health-promoting aspects are associated with mowing the lawn? Repress the negative that you may have previously associated with it. Focus on the positive things and enjoy the healthy effect on body, mind and soul. It is worth it!

Lawn mowing and health benefits

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