Kelberg quad and lawn tractor trailer ATV 300L

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Top 3 Kelberg quad and lawn tractor trailer ATV 300L

Top 3 Kelberg quad and lawn tractor trailer ATV 300L

Kelberg quad and lawn tractor trailer ATV 300L
Guide [year]

The Company Kelberg is mainly for the production of various types of wheelbarrow but also has other areas of this product spectrum In the assortment.Thus for home work practical devices such as sack trucks, pendant but also others metal products such as bicycle racks made from the highest quality materials. Also in the field of lawn tractor pendant the manufacturer can fall back on some experiences review present trailer for lawn tractors comes with a comparatively small own weight of thirty-five kilograms including packaging therefore. It is only about half as heavy as our previously described one Compare winner.However, the Kelberg quad and lawn tractor trailer ATV 300L at the payload in direct comparison with the Comparison review winner bring only half of the value. It is here 250 kg.With a price from 409.00 euros At the time of reviewing this trailer for lawnmowers (and quads) is a bit cheaper than our first-placed product, due to the much lower payload and the comparatively high purchasing price At the time of the review, we come to a relatively high level price from 1.64 euros Per kilogram Nutzlast.Laut manufacturer we have the Kelberg quad and lawn tractor trailer ATV 300L Dimensions of 187 cm x 77 cm x 91 cm. The tub has, as named in the name 300 liters and is thus significantly smaller than other models. We calculate a right high price from 1.36 euros Per liter Inhalt.In consequence, it means that with the Kelberg quad and lawn tractor trailer ATV 300L, although large amounts can be transported to Gartengut, but absolutely on the mass the transported goods must be respected. Larger quantities of mowed grass are to be transported for the device problem-free, in case of a fall should be high numbers However, be avoided.

Assembly and stability

The Kelberg quad and lawn tractor trailer ATV 300L consists of only a few Divide, which can be mounted easily and very quickly. The tiltable collection trough The device consists of a molded tub made of hard plastic, which of course does not have to be separately constructed. This tub is supported by a tubular steel construction, which provides the necessary stability of the plastic tub. The entire frame of the Kelberg quad and lawn tractor trailer ATV 300L is an extremely stable Tubular steel construction, to the one robust trailer hitch was attached. The construction The product consumes less than half an hour through the transport trough and can therefore be described as extremely fast. The first optical impression of the trailer is, especially due to the Plastic tub, pretty easy and cheap, but if you look closer, recognizes the built-in Quality.The tires The Kelberg Quad and Lawn Tractor Trailer ATV 300L consists of 2 air-filled tire with a deep profile, which gives the impression, even the full load even harder terrain such as uneven grass or gravel can be removed from the tires thanks to the deep profile be caught and cushioned, so at more adequate loading no collected good should be lost. In general, the trailer makes the company Kelberg, despite its comparatively low payload a very stable impression. This low scheduled payload is obviously due to the Plastic tub, which the manufacturer uses here.

Functions and accessories

A huge one plus goes first to the standard use of a Ball coupling. This allows the use of various towing vehicles, without having to order separate parts here. The ball coupling has the advantage opposite the Pin coupling, that these are usually clear larger loads tolerates.The clutch is with two big screws over the square pole attached to the trailer and makes a very robust impression. The practical tilt allows the fast unloaded the trailer. Due to the rather small, allowed maximum load it is also possible for weaker persons tilt mechanism still to operate with fully loaded trailer. The mechanism should always be secured in any case, otherwise too heavy a loading of the rear side to an accidental tilt could lead.

The stress review

The trailer is fully stable in the fully loaded condition, as you can see from the plastic tub would like to suspect. The construction below the tub here has a supporting function and catches the contained therein mass very good on. Thanks to the rather low total weight the trailer can be underneath full load maneuver very well and can even be pushed by a strong person even by hand. The total weight is finally only 280 kg, The tub even deformed slightly under the Load, by the walls buckle out, but gets at unloaded immediately her old one shape back.The ball coupling can withstand the load without any difficulty. This is so stable that it is probably double mass would pull how it can be charged on the trailer axis and the tire transfer the forces perfectly and ensure good damping around bounce of the trailer, at least at low speeds, as far as possible to avoid.

Our review conclusion

The Kelberg Quad and Lawn Tractor Trailer ATV 300L is doing significantly better than his first impression suggests. The plastic tub clearly less misleading here quality before, as has been installed in truth. Any stress review The trailer mastered excellently. The tub Withstands all loads, even if it is slightly unevenly loaded. The only big disadvantage of the trailer is the Tilt to tilt if it is loaded to stern. However, this applies to many followers, there is only a small point deduction. The low one total weight comes to the trailer in the maneuvering of course under full load. At the towing vehicle as well as by hand can be the trailer steer quite easily, because that total weight due to the plastic tub significantly lower than other models. For this mass is the strong one ball coupling best suited and tolerates the load easily. The Kehlberg trailer has thus proven very well in all respects and showed his only weakness in the slope to the rear About butts, if he is loaded to stern. Otherwise, he not only met the requirements, but convinced by a great Price-performance ratio.We forgive the very good ones here grade 1.2 for a solid power, Lawn tractor trailer now on Amazon view! Processing Functions Handling & comfort Price / performance

2nd place

Here we give the very good grade of 1.2 for a solid performance. User Rating: Be the first one!

Kelberg quad and lawn tractor trailer ATV 300L

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