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Top 3 Honda high grass mower

Top 3 Honda high grass mower

Honda high grass mower
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Meadows and tall grass were once mowed with a scythe, but today they are special Hochgrasmäher available. In addition to the lawn tractors, as the company Efco offers, are from the company Honda Hochgrasmäher available as classic lawn mower. The innovative technology also allows the mowing of scrub and heavily proliferating areas. The grass mowers of Honda are specially equipped for these applications with effective engines, swiveling front wheels and depending on the model with a hydrostatic drive and a blade stop control. For the mowing result itself is the type of mower decisive. If the grass is to be used as hay, this only works with a rotary mower. The rotating function cuts off the tall grass and does not chop it down. Then the grass can dry and later as hay raked together. Was developed technology launched in the 60's by Piet Zweegers from Geldrop and later also by his company. Very high knife peripheral speeds of up to 85 m / s are required to be able to mow even light grasses. Rotary mowers are mostly used professionally in agriculture, but meanwhile they are also used in the maintenance of green areas and in very large and long unprocessed land in the private sector. Many of the Honda Hochgrasmäher however are with a classic Lawn mower equipped, which the crop chop very small and process to mulch. This can also remain as a natural fertilizer on the ground or is disposed of as green waste.Hochgrasmäher from Honda Depending on the purpose and model are equipped with various other functions. Powerful models have a hydrostatic drive that moves the heavy mowers smoothly and effortlessly. In addition, the blades rotate constantly, which ensures a uniform cutting result. Virtually all Hochgrasmäher from Honda have in the review via a sturdy mower deck made of steel. The material used is relatively light and yet impact resistant. In addition, it was treated against rust and UV-related wear. and to achieve corrosion. Our grass cutters are therefore suitable even for the most demanding jobs. The company is known Honda for their professional engines, which are also used in the grass mowers of the company. Grass cutter from Honda are very powerful and equipped with innovative engines with up to 163 cc displacement. These have cast iron cylinder sleeves and special high-performance air filters. Especially through the folding mower deck is very high grass no problem for the Hochgrasmäher from Honda, In particular, the folding mower deck makes even very tall grass no problem for Honda's high grass mowers. The well-designed design prevents the grass from being pushed flat on the ground. Easy operation is possible with the high-grass mower using the foot pedal. This allows the cutting height to be adjusted up to four times.

The company Honda

The company was founded Honda in 1948 as a manufacturer of engines for driving bicycles. In addition to automobiles and motorcycles, the Japanese group also produces garden tools, outboard motors and micro cogeneration units. The company is the world's largest engine manufacturer with an annual output of 22 million engines. In Germany is Honda since 1961 with the European Honda Motor Trading GmbH represented.

Special features of the company

Many is the company Honda from the Motorsport and known as a car brand. In public, the profile of the brand was shaped in particular by the activities in motorsport. So the company acts as Mototrenlieferant in Formula 1 and Formula 2. Overall, winn Honda six world championships. Racing drivers like Nelson Piquet, Ayraton Senna and Nigel Mansell were well-known figureheads of the company. In 2008 presented Honda its activities in Formula 1, however, for cost reasons ein.The offer of automobiles of the brand Honda ranges from small and mid-size cars to roadster, VAN and SUV. Other business areas include gardening equipment, industrial and commercial equipment, outboard motors and inflatable boats. With the Honda Aircraft Company has also had a subsidiary for several years, which focuses on the development of a Business aircraft special.Today is Honda Also known for its sporty and innovative motorcycles. The fasreview motorcycle in his assortment is the Honda CBR1100XX Blackbird with a top speed of 286 km / h. Also the noble one Honda Goldwing is popular with many motorcycle enthusiasts and a special brand of the company. The motorized gardening equipment offers Honda a wide selection Lawn mowers, lawn tractors and tillers on. Products such as hedge trimmers, brush cutters and leaf blowers, some of which are also available as cordless tools, are also included in the range. Especially in the case of garden equipment, special attention is paid to environmental friendliness and high performance. Honda Engines are reliable and enjoy a very good reputation worldwide. So the company is also known for its pioneering work on the premium 4-stroke carburetor engines. For more than 50 years offers Honda ultra-quiet engines with sophisticated carburetor technology, which fall below the world's stricreview emission standard CARB * by up to 43%. Another special feature of the engines of Honda is also the super-light start with a full mowing performance, while the engine is practically still running high.

Product segment in the field of high lawnmowers

But not only car compilation and motorcycles offers the company. Also garden Tools like lawnmowers are from Honda available in many variants. especially the Hochgrasmäher from Honda are available in many different models. Both the performance and the cutting width models are offered in different versions. Depending on the area of ​​application and the requirements on site amateur gardeners just as well advised as horticultural companies and Landscapers.So the big offer is enough High grass mowers from the small grass cutter with 2-speed gear and wheel drive to the grass cutter with variable hydrostatic drive and a powerful GXV engine. Depending on the model, the grass mowers are equipped with additional wheel drive, a blade stop control or an additional parking brake. In different review also has the grass cutter UM 616 EE2 with variable Hydrostatic drive, 61 cm mower deck made of steel and a powerful professional motor GXV 160 proven.

Special features of Honda high grass mowers

Typical and a great feature of the High grass mowers from Honda are the professional motors for best Work results. Thus, the grass cutter Duraus with a capacity of up to 163 cm³ are available. These special motors are equipped with cast iron cylinder sleeves and high-performance air filters, making them particularly powerful. A special feature is certainly the robust cutting deck made of sheet steel. This material is robust and lightweight and very impact resistant. In addition, they are additionally against rust, corrosion and UV-related Wear treated. Some models of Honda Hochgrasmäher are innovative Hydrostatic drive fitted. This allows a constant speed for a uniform cutting result. With the Roto-Stop Knife Stop Control it is also possible to stop the rotating knife quickly and safely without having to switch off the motor. This is especially useful when you need to get rid of stones or other obstacles quickly. Positive is in many Testing also mentioned the thoughtful design. The construction virtually prevents the blades of grass from being pushed back flat onto the ground. What looks like floating ensures perfect mowing and takes every blade of grass with you. Also worth mentioning is the simple operation with the help of the foot pedal. This makes it easy to set four different cutting heights. Just by pressing the pedal, the cutting height can be adjusted and tools are practically unnecessary.


With their powerful engines and the robust equipment are the Hochgrasmäher from Honda perfect for heavy use. The company has long been known for its innovative engine technology, which is also reflected in the models in the High grass mowers makes noticeable. In addition, the products are available in many different versions and in different variants, so that there is practically the right mower for every application.

Honda high grass mower

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