High grass mower – numbers, data, facts

Here are some High grass mower – numbers, data, facts

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Top 3 High grass mower – numbers, data, facts

Top 3 High grass mower – numbers, data, facts

High grass mower – numbers, data, facts
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the essentials in brief

At the beginning you get one here overview about the most important facts from one High grass mower product review 2018:

  • With a high quality Hochgrasmäher Mow and mow grass on uneven terrain.
  • mulching means, shredded crop on the lawn distribute – this fertilizes the soil and is good for that growth Your lawn in the long run.
  • A powerful one Hochgrasmäher has different Mähtypen – This guarantees the mowing and mulching of different Grasslands.

Take care when purchase of a tall grass mower especially on the following features:

  • engine power
  • Sickle cutting width
  • Variable cutting height
  • Volume of the fuel tank
  • Pot size
  • Turning radius

One definition: high grass and flail mowers

There are different Types of high grass mowers – in the comparison review 2018 has been found to be different Device types however, they have one feature in common: they are always very robust and durable in your method of construction designed. The difference is usually in the Radius of maneuverability, Very agile Hochgrasmäher are mostly operated manually. They crush that crop not and it can thus be particularly well collected and used as feed. A classic Flail mower By contrast, its strong engine power able to cope effortlessly with crops of up to one meter in height. These special mowers are also mostly practical side discharge of the crop. These device is very convenient for comfortable mowing. But you have larger ones green stripes at street edges or brownfields to care for, indicate High grass mower comparison review 2018 that it has proven to be one High grass mower or Schlegelmulcher recourse. The Professional devices then cut and shred the crop reliably in one go. This saves time and fertilizes your floor right away. Note, however, that you have one Schlegelmulcher not with one shredder confused, as mulchers are often referred to in commerce.

Important: speed and agility

Thanks to powerful high-powered lawn mower make even wild grown lawns no problem anymore. Pay attention to the cruise control on high grass mower – they are an important device on professional equipment. in the Hochgrasmäher review In 2018 there were different Motorrasenmäher.Manche (rare) model had only three wheels, These mowers are rather slow and sluggish in use. It is the same with some (manually) by hand Lawnmowers. They have to be pushed and the speed is usually individually adjustable. This option is helpful especially for the elderly Additional function. This function is usually over the launch control regulated after starting the mower.

Notes on cutting width and cutting height

The cutting width of a mower you should match the lawn select who you want to mow. For example, a mower the largest on the market cutting width on. a Rotary mower however, there are different ones Cutting widths. Alone cost reasons You should consider in advance whether it must be a mower with a particularly large cutting width. This purchase was made in High grass mower review 2018 only meaningful for really large green areas. In return for the costly, big cutting width of course makes a too small sized section also no joy. On the contrary, this choice would be annoying and time-consuming. To help you decide on the right cutting width, here's one installation, which shows which width is suitable for which lawn area:Grass area # cutting width

  • 0-50 m² # 30 cm
  • 51-100 m² # 35 cm
  • 101-400 m² # 40 cm
  • 401-800 m² # 50 cm
  • 801-1,400 m² # 55 cm
  • 1,4001-2,000 m² # 100 cm
  • 2,001-3,000 m² #> 110 cm
  • 3,001-5,000 m² #> 120 cm
  • from 5.001 m² #> 130 cm

Also note that the cutting height especially from the weather depends. So, for example, you should not cut the grass too short in summer. It would be the strong one Solar radiation completely exposed and could dry up or even burn. A good mower should be one cutting height of up to 150 mm. It is convenient when the height of the cuttings can be regulated in different stages.

Motors and power

Hochgrasmäher Become commercially available with a strong Gasoline engine operated. Strength power was called in Product Test 2018 an engine with at least 22 hp, Frequently air-cooled plants are used in high grass mowers 4-stroke engines installed. The equation is – as with other electrical devices also – quite simple: The more powerful and better the engine and the drive are, the more effective it works Mowing work.electric motors usually afford less. They are definitely more environmentally friendly. They emit less pollutants and are quieter in operation, in the High grass mower comparison review In 2018, they were recommended for areas up to approximately 500 m² in size. Is yours to be cared for green space bigger, you should get one Gasoline mowers buy

The crop ejection

In the classic case interjects Hochgrasmäher the Mowing Good to the side. However, there are also devices that the Green cut about the Rear eject. Which variant you prefer is pure matter of taste And neither one nor the other version offers particular advantages. You should, however, pay attention to the ejection can be regulated individually and that Mowing Good is not distributed unchecked on the mown surface. Maybe you want that Mowing Good also prefer to collect while mowing – then recommends High grass mower review 2018 that you choose a model which is a big one Catcher volume Has. That's how you summarize a lot Cut Grass and do not have to constantly bring it away or empty the basket.

Available accessories

Standard is to everyone Hochgrasmäher review winner 2018 a disc cut, a deflector, a Tank-filling aid, as well as one Suction pump for the gasoline tank. On the market there is also the possibility of all wear parts nachzukaufen. This includes, for example, the Fuel filter, the Starter rope, the engine, all the blades, the Air filter, The case and the spark plugs.Bestenfalls take the supplied instructions for use or warranty documents to hand, if you need replacement or Accessories want to buy. So you can be sure that they are yours Hochgrasmäher get matching parts.

High grass mower – numbers, data, facts

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Our High grass mower – numbers, data, facts

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