Gasoline lawnmower does not start anymore: you can do that!

Here are some Gasoline lawnmower does not start anymore: you can do that!

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Gasoline lawnmower does not start anymore: you can do that!
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A gasoline lawnmower has always been considered a highly powerful and reliable device. At least when it's new. Depending on the quality of the quality, it can happen over the years that the engine "bucks", and that it is therefore necessary to push or pull the starter button or the drawstring several times in succession, depending on the age of the device , Those who are not technically savvy or have the appropriate craftsmanship, sometimes look in the tube, while the lawn continues to grow steadily. It is worth noting that it is essential to take the petrol lawn mower at regular intervals in inspection. That should always be a sufficient amount of gasoline in the tank is, of course. But what is to be done in general, if the gasoline lawn mower does not start, but if the lawn must be mowed necessarily? Borrowing the lawnmower from your neighbor is, of course, a viable solution. On the other hand, however, it sooner or later becomes necessary to lend a hand to your own petrol lawnmower and to check where the fault lies and what the cause of the technical problem is.

Basic examination

We recommend that you always first check whether there is still enough gasoline in the tank. In view of the fact that gasoline can evaporate quite well over time, for example, was forgotten to unscrew the lid of the gas tank properly and the mower was then used for a long time. In the course of this, the amount of petrol is steadily reduced, so that problems arise at the next start. In addition, regular inspection of the oil level is important. This can – just like with your own vehicle – simply done with the oil level gauge. If the petrol lawnmower has not been used for a long time, checking the oil level is a matter of honor. It should be remembered in the context namely that the oil can settle in the lines in the interior of the device, especially for longer periods, for example, over the winter. If the pipes are not adequately supplied with oil, it is not surprising that the mower does not want to start. How is the quality of the spark plugs ordered? Of course, these too will have to be replaced by new ones from time to time. Who wants to save this effort or this – albeit small – "investment", can try the following: The spark plug which is usually located in the front part of the petrol lawn mower, is removed. Then pluck a little grass and then paint carefully and carefully with the spark plug head over the green. Repeat this process until the grass blades are completely torn so that a tiny amount of fluid escapes. If this is the case, moisten the head of the spark plug with it and then put it back in its original position. With regard to the physical legislation, it is true that this very low moisture content conducts very well, so that it would now be necessary to To start petrol lawnmower. However, this is only guaranteed if the cause of the starter problem is actually only the spark plugs. Otherwise, the search for the cause must continue.

Healthy air – also for the lawnmower

A look at the nature of the air filter could also be helpful if the lawnmower strikes. This detail is usually one of the last things the hobby gardener thinks of. But the fact is that in addition to starter, spark plug and Co. in particular the functionality of the air filter is of central importance. For gasoline-powered lawnmowers older year it may therefore be helpful to replace the air filter with a new one. If you do not trust this, then you are well advised to ask for advice in the agricultural machinery trade. Also in the next garage you can help with this topic. Modern petrol lawnmowers, on the other hand, are often even characterized by the fact that the air filter only needs to be rinsed under hot water or cleaned with a brush. Separate new purchases are therefore no longer required for the new devices. Anyway, as soon as the air filter is operational again, the petrol lawn mower should actually start again. It's worth checking the carburetor. Especially with newly purchased petrol lawnmowers, it happens sometimes that the carburetor is either not fully implemented, or that it is completely emptied. In this respect, it does not hurt to check this utensil and to try again after the repair, to start the lawnmower.

A feeling for the lawnmower

Many older-generation gas mowers operate on a tug line. This means that you have to pull at the top of the rope, at the end of which there is a kind of closure, which is integrated directly on the surface of the lawnmower. Mostly, the closure is a ring-like structure that can be moved very well with one or two fingers. The problem is that especially older lawn mowers are often very complex in their handling. Too high a tensile force adversely affects the implemented starter mechanism. Just as ineffective in this regard is too weak a move. In addition, it often comes down to the right angle, in which the pull rope is released from its anchorage. It is therefore crucial that you get a sense of how the ripcord is best pulled. Of course, you should not forget to let go of the ripcord as soon as possible after pulling it out, but without going too hectic. This can also be disadvantageous for the starter system or for the starter. Moreover, do not pull the pull rope too often if it does not work the first time. Take your time and be sure to work with tact.

Many little things are to be considered

Long service life can be detrimental to gasoline lawnmowers. In this regard, for example, it often happens that the oil "settles" and thus loses lubricity after re-starting. In addition, after a long period of use – especially in the spring after the winter break, the problem of the "stubborn lawnmower" often occurs – always check the fuel level. Not only that the mower generally does not start up without gasoline, but empty lines, which you repeatedly set in motion with the start button or the pull rope, due to the lack of grease quickly take damage. In the main shows again and again that the gasoline lawn mower After the winter break is not checked by every user before the first commissioning, so now and then even a motor damage occurs on the device. The fact is that a gasoline powered lawnmower literally wants to be handled with kid gloves.

Gasoline lawnmower does not start anymore: you can do that!

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