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Top 3 Efco high grass mower

Top 3 Efco high grass mower

Efco high grass mower
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When it comes to tall grass, scrub, or just hay, the classic mowers are virtually useless. Many manufacturers therefore have special Hochgrasmäher in the program, which are best suited for these conditions. At company efco these are in particular the Riding mower of the brand Tuareg, The terrain mowers are similar to the lawn tractor built, but have a special cutting for high grass and are very well suited for rough terrain. To the areas of application of this Hochgrasmäher also include areas that need to be mowed only a few times a year and where no value is placed on collecting grass. The efco Riding lawn Mowers slicer Tuareg 92 are particularly robust and convince by their reliability. Dense vegetation is no problem for them, as are tall grass and uneven terrain.

The brand Efco

The Italian company was founded efco in 1992 by Giacomo Ferretti. After the merger with the company Oleo-Mac Giacomo Ferretti continues to be president of the company. efco In a short time, the company became the leading producer of brushcutters and today works together with the company Oleo-Mac machinery and tools for forestry and agriculture. Since its foundation, the company has also been an integral part of the Yama Group. In Italy that counts Companies Emak to the most important manufacturers on this area and convinced by technical innovation and a good one quality,

Special features of the company

efco covers practically the complete needs with its large assortment tools and devices in forestry and in the garden from. from amateur gardeners to the estate manager and groundskeeper, the company offers both mowing machine and scythes as chainsaws, hedge shears and cordless tools.

Product segment in the field of high lawnmowers

The special features certainly include the Hochgrasmäher as riding mower. The Tuareg 92 lawn tractors are all-purpose slicers and impress with their particularly robust construction and reliability. They are the ideal work equipment for mowing and cleaning unsealed areas of dense vegetation characterized by uneven terrain and slope review have the Hochgrasmäher the company efco proven again and again with their robust construction. Their constructional and technical advantages such as the low center of gravity, the compact design and the long wheelbase make reliable equipment in almost any terrain. Whether in commercial, municipal, agricultural or private use: They are the ideal work equipment for mowing and clearing unsealed areas of dense vegetation characterized by uneven terrain and slope. The Company efco offers at the High grass mowers different products, which differ in size and, of course, in the Preis.Je model have the Hochgrasmäher from efco across different cutting widths from 92 to 132 cm and adjustable cutting heights between 50 cm and 90 cm and sometimes up to 135 cm. Also different depending on the model, the built-in engines. These range from B & S Vanguard V-Twin to the Kawasaki 26 HP FR730V. The drive of the Hochgrasmäher is almost the same everywhere. The hydrostatic drive allows virtually infinite shifting and is also called All wheel drive available.

Special features of the efco Hochgrasmäher

Due to their purpose of use differ Hochgrasmäher in some ways distinct from the classic lawn mower. Known is the Hochgrasmäher also under the name Wiesenmäher, Mowers, mowers or terrain mowers. A special feature are the stronger drive, the better off-road capability and the very robust mower. So mows the Hochgrasmäher also easily weeds and scrub.The Mower even can as Rotary mower or designed as a sickle mower. The sickle mower is ideal for extensive use and also leaves a very clean grass clippings, As general purpose mower, they also show at mowing on paddocks and edge strips their strength. Grass, weeds and scrub are shredded so that they can practically remain as us as natural fertilizer. To cope with the great forces of mowing are Hochgrasmäher equipped with a sickle mower with a powerful engine. So are some of the EFCO Hochgrasmäher designed with a 110 cm wide mower and a 24 hp 2 cylinder engine. Up to three specially shaped cross blade as well as additional deflectors also ensure a very good comminution of the mowing material Hochgrasmäher from efco are the sturdy constructions made of a heavy-duty channel steel frame and durable cast iron front axles. In the front area is also a stable front bar as impact protection. The are driven efco Hochgrasmäher usually per Hydrostatic drive, With this innovative technology, the speed can be achieved virtually continuously and without shifting. Special features such as the comfortable driver's seat with a high-back, gentle back and the push-button switchable Mower do that Hochgrasmäher additionally comfortable. Fatigue-free also affects the large accelerator pedals. Also not commonplace are the two headlights, which provide the perfect illumination during mowing in the dark.


Whether in the Agriculture, for commercial use or just as a practical riding mower on its own large property, with the efco Hochgrasmäher Large areas can also be optimally processed on rough terrain. The Hochgrasmäher are robust and functional and perfectly suitable for particularly demanding surfaces.

Efco high grass mower

Efco Tuareg 4x4 EVO mower cutting long grass

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