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Top 3 Changing blades on the lawnmower

Changing blades on the lawnmower
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It does not matter if you own a mechanical lawn mower, electric or petrol lawnmower, or a cordless lawnmower: the time comes when you need to check the machine's cutting ability at regular intervals. Worth knowing st that distinguishes the lawn mower with a rotor knife from a lawn mower with a spindle knife. And indeed, the differences between these two knife variants are significant.

Spindle or rotor?

It is therefore fair to say that the rotor knife differs from the spindle knife in such a way as to deal with a pair of scissors and a knife. If one were to cut off the individual blades of grass with a knife, where would it be very tedious, while cutting the lawn with scissors – at least figuratively – would prove much easier.The lighter and faster the cut itself, the smoother the cut surfaces , This is also noticeable on the entire cross section of your lawn. If you compare the cut of a rotor-turfed lawn with that of a green cropped with spindle knives, the difference is obvious. Generally, it's not surprising that discerning homeowners almost exclusively choose a barrel lawnmower, such as an English lawnmower to wish. With a rotor lawn mower, they could never reach this goal, as the cut ends after working with the rotor blades seem frail and worn out.

Change the knife on time

How long the blades of your lawnmower generally hold depends on different factors. In this regard, for example, the nature of the lawn, the soil and the external influences is discussed. For example, how are the spatial conditions in which the lawnmower, for example, the winter, housed? All these and other aspects should be considered accordingly. In the professional field, the knives are traditionally changed about every three to four months. In the private sector, it may therefore take quite some time before the sharpness of the cutting tools leaves much to be desired. As difficult as it may seem at first glance, changing the cutting blades on a lawnmower is quite easy. It is enough if you are a bit artificially skilled. If necessary, use a friend to help you, for example, helping you to keep the lawn mower in hand. Depending on the nature of the device, it may be possible for the device to be in a lateral position as a result of jolts in the lawn lower area in the course of removing the screws, nuts, etc. moved back to its original position. To prevent this, helping hands are definitely recommended. In addition, there are two, three things to do before it can go to the actual work.

Observe safety instructions

Before replacing the blades on an electric lawnmower, be sure to remove the plug from the socket first. Then it is best to wear special safety gloves so as not to injure yourself at the edges of the knives. If you want to replace the cutting blades in a gasoline engine, make sure that there is no oil or gasoline in the device. Of course, you are well advised to buy the right knives in advance. In the event that the wrong ones are used, it is quite possible that the new blades will damage the device from the inside. Turn the lawnmower sideways so that you can reach the bottom of the device well with your hands and work comfortably , Ensure a safe side-to-side position to prevent the mower from accidentally returning to its original position. Grasp the cordless screwdriver and carefully unscrew the fixing screws located on the side of the bottom of the sub-block. Keep them clearly visible so they do not get lost. As soon as the nuts and bolts are loosened, gently pull on the cutting blades, turn them lightly and then slowly and carefully pull them upwards. Store the knives in a safe place and do not place them on the lawn near the lawnmower. What if the beloved four-legged friend is curious and wants to look over your shoulders at work?

Insert the new knife correctly

The visible after removing the cutting blades screw holes are also the holders for the new knife. First put the washers back in place and screw them together. Then you use the new knives. And in the position in which the other knives were before. Finally, the screws are screwed back in – if necessary, take new screws – and then carefully screwed down with the cordless screwdriver. Last but not least, check the perfect fit again and make sure that each screw is well fixed and that the cutting blades are in the correct position. Following this relatively unspectacular procedure are still the little things to do. For example, with a gasoline lawnmower, oil and gasoline should be added. And also the spark plugs as well as the preliminary work done before the replacement of the blades are to be accomplished. Check at intervals of about two to four months, as it is ordered to the cutting ability of the knives. Only sharp blades can guarantee a straight, clean cut surface. By the way, if you want to dispose of the lawnmower's old blades, you can either do so at your local gardener or inquire at the recycling center near you. Normally, every major city has such a waste delivery point, which handles the disposal of old parts.

Changing blades on the lawnmower

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