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Black & Decker lawn mower
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In the present time belongs "the Black & Decker"In the toolbox of every handyman. The short version B & D is the trademark of the American Stanley Black & Decker Corp. based in New Britain, Connecticut. From the merger of hitherto two independent companies emerged in 1920, the current world company Black & Decker, In the late 1950s was a German branch, the Black & Decker GmbH, based in the North Rhine-Westphalian state capital Düsseldorf. Since then, all sectors of tools have been climbing steeply. Legendary is the legendary Black & Decker Drilling machine for home, hobby and craft. Today, the B & D brand covers, among other things, the sought-after range of gardening tools. That also includes mowing machine with different models. The product range for home and garden includes both mains and battery powered equipment and tools. Gardening equipment such as mowing machine are preferably suitable for the private household; less so for the professional-commercial sector. For the do-it-yourselfer, it is obvious when considering the purchase of a lawnmower also because of the brand Black & Decker because it is usually already present with one or the other crafting device. Black & Decker is now celebrating its 60th anniversary in Germany; one more reason to get closer with the Black & Decker lawnmowers to employ, review and compare with competitors' models.

The enterprise

The image collage on the company homepage shows as interesting as impressive the development of the company since the beginning of the 1910s, thus even before the merger to today's global enterprise. Over the course of a century, the first small mechanical workshop has become a market leader with the global brand Black & Decker developed. The B & D products are distributed here in Germany both in stationary retail and online trading. Every hardware store, every retailer that holds something, has the brand Black & Decker in his assortment. Accordingly close and professional on the one hand the customer and on the other hand the maintenance and repair service. The product range extends from A such as rechargeable battery, cordless drill or batterymowing machine to Z like accessories for household, sawing, drilling, grinding and gardening. Among the garden tools with lawn trimmer, with hedge trimmer, branch and chainsaw, with leaf blowers and leaf blowers and with the B & D Garden Multi Tools are the mowing machine from Black & Decker much in demand. They impress the garden friend with their longevity, with their robustness and in the end with the fact that it is a product of Black & Decker is. For many, the trademark is synonymous with the quality seal "Made in Germany".

The product range

The product range of Black & Decker includes about one and a half dozen electrically powered mowing machine, At this point, the term must be explained in more detail. Energy supplier is the electricity. When electricmowing machine, which is also referred to as wired, comes the power from the box and the electric cable during the mowing process right through to the mowing machine as the terminal. The second, newer variant is the batterymowing machine, He is also powered by electricity, but wirelessly with the battery as a power storage. Also in this year's product review it becomes clear that Black & Decker to the third variant, the gasolinemowing machine deliberately omitted.mowing machine is offered in several models with different names. In this year's product review were represented the

  • Easy Steer
  • LM 2000
  • Compact & Go function
  • exax

The Cordless Lawn Mower is offered as standard with the models

  • DUAVOLT with and without charger
  • Autosense with two batteries

All devices were compared and reviewed at again this year. As in Black & Decker not to be expected, each one of them kept what promises the garden friend of B & D and what he was also used to from last year's reviews and product comparisons. The Akkumäher Autosense can after the review result keep up with the battery models of other manufacturers and brands easily. It is best suited for a medium to large lawn area. The cutting width of just under half a meter has a positive effect on the number of lawns to be mowed. For the cutting heights from just under 40 to 100 millimeters, the garden implement offers seven cutting depths. They are divided into the settings Single, Soft, Touch and Lever. The lithium ion battery provides 36 volts with a battery capacity of two Ah. Two basic batteries are included in the product review a real rarity. With nearly 100 decibels the car sense is in comparison to other reviewed batterieslawnmowers relatively noisy, that is loud. One of the absolute new products is the Wired Electric Model No. BEMW471BH. in the comparison to his predecessor model is on this variant so much new and much improved. The highlights include the power of 1,600 watts, the cutting width of almost 40 centimeters and the grass catcher with its volume of 45 liters. Very positive is the noise level with reviewed 82 decibel sound pressure as well as with 95 decibel sound power. Even the total weight of just under 15 kilograms can be seen quite well in the product comparison.Black & Decker has divided the lawn into the three areas big, medium and small. With a filter on directly indicated, which and how much of the offered mowing machine for which lawn size recommended. The online visitor also sees at a glance whether he is Black & Decker for a wired or a wireless mowing machine suggests.

The particularities

  • The special one Black & Decker Egemax technology makes it possible with each of these mowing machine directly to the grassy edge or to a wall approach and also to mow clean. With a little skill and routine can thus avoid the complementary grass trimming. This saves time and money for the otherwise necessary lawn trimmer.
  • The Autosense technology is an automatic, with which depending on growth height and growth density of the lawn the matching performance is automatically adjusted. As the word automatically expresses, it does so on its own, without any hint of the user. With strong grasses the increases mowing machine the engine speed, while thinner grass reduces power. This directly affects the runtime, which automatically lengthens or shortens.
  • A special feature in general is the dense nationwide service network of Black & Decker at the retail site. Customer service is always a B & D brand service. Unlike some other manufacturers, it does not matter where the Black & Decker mowing machine has been bought. Black & Decker is and remains Black & Decker!

Black & Decker lawn mower

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