AL-KO 110804 Trailer car TA 250 for lawn tractors

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Top 3 AL-KO 110804 Trailer car TA 250 for lawn tractors

Top 3 AL-KO 110804 Trailer car TA 250 for lawn tractors

AL-KO 110804 Trailer car TA 250 for lawn tractors
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The company AL-KO provides garden accessories of all kinds. From shovels and gardening tools to utility food for all species The passionate garden owner can find everything here from gardeners. However, the product developers of AL-KO pay special attention to products lawn care and their accessories, such as lawn mowers, lawn tractors and all additionally practical devices around the topic lawn care review Let's take a look at the lawn tractor trailer here AL-KO 110804 Trailer car TA 250 for lawn tractors.Also here we put a relatively small own weight from 35 kilograms Which makes the gardening much easier than with the heavier counterparts, so this pendant should certainly be easy to use even for the women among the garden lovers payload of the AL-KO 110804 trailer car TA 250 for lawn tractors is with the manufacturer 250 kilograms specified. Again, it is true that light garden materials such as grass or foliage easily in larger amounts However, in the case of heavy items such as crops in the form of fruit or vegetables or autumnal fall fruit, the overall load should be kept in mind 359.00 euros to the Time of reviewing and after deduction of own weight So we come to one in our bill price from circa 1,44 euros Per kilogram Payload, which is here in the midfield of the reviewed products dimensions of the AL-KO 110804 trailer car TA 250 for lawn tractors are specified by the manufacturer AL-KO with 110.5 cm x 78 cm x 13 cm, which, according to our calculation, a relatively small content from 112 liters Total volume results. Starting from this bill we come to one price from 3.20 euros Per liter Loading area, which is quite expensive in our comparison, but mostly at the lower Water Capacity lies..

Assembly and stability

To the assembly the trailer requires a little bit of tools. The construction Although not really complicated, it does require a lot of manual work in the form of Glands.Almost the entire trailer consists of galvanized sheet steel, including the exterior walls and the bottom of the tub. While these seem a bit unstable when unpacking, but by screwing the entire trailer gets the necessary Stability.The connecting rod is also made Sheet steel, However, is bent as a square and thus holds first charges standing from all directions tires of the AL-KO 110804 trailer car TA 250 consists of simple Rubber tires, which are filled with air. Although these have only a simple profile, which, however, for low speeds is completely sufficient. The tire keep the air perfect.

Functions and accessories

The trailer will unfortunately without trailer hitch delivered, so these are still separately must be ordered. That drives the price a bit high, but at least has the Advantage, that's the right one clutch can be ordered. An existing clutch, which does not fit the towing vehicle, finally bring no advantages rear wall The trailer is merely plugged in and can be removed very quickly if needed. This is especially true Loaded with heavy items advantageous and prevents very successfully damage, how they can arise with a hatch folded down. A tilt owns the trailer Not, can however with larger of force about the edge be dumped to unload the load. This could, however, with more frequent use damage pull on the sheet metal.

The stress review

Despite the fairly simple construction out of simple sheet steel the trailer shows up under load with an amazing Stability. The sheets are fuller loading only minimal nach.Hier could the small bend edge at the top of the walls should be of great importance and should therefore be during the loading always protected. If those edge would be bent by a shock, would thus be the stability the whole tub in danger. The quite small tire Worry together with the low total weight for a light one maneuverability under load. The trailer can therefore, if a little force is applied, move even under full load by hand. The small tire However, if the ground is too soft, they can sink in and the agility severely restrict. This possible case leads to a small point deduction clutch there was no one review be subjected. The connecting element between the bedliner and the towing vehicle but made a confident impression and gave the burden not after.

Our review conclusion

The simple one Sheet metal construction, which represents this trailer, makes itself in the overall result much better than one would expect at first. Although only narrow and thus light sheets were used, the bedliner extremely stable, as long as the bend edge at the top is not damaged. Even under full load The trailer remains very well maneuverable, partly due to its low own weight owed and on the other hand its also low Total weight. However, this is also his big drawback, because he thereby quickly to keel over tends, if he is loaded wrong. With an overall very good Result So the AL-KO 110804 trailer car TA 250 places itself on top place 3 in our Lawn tractor trailer review. His weaknesses exist in the completely missing trailer hitch and the Tilt for tilting at wrong loading.Da these weaknesses, however, the benefits clearly subject, we can do a very good here grade from 1.4 forgive. Lawn tractor trailer now on Amazon view! Processing Functions Handling & comfort Price / performance

3rd place

With an altogether very good result, the AL-KO trailer wagon placed in third place in our lawn tractor trailer review. User Rating: Be the first one!

AL-KO 110804 Trailer car TA 250 for lawn tractors


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