Agri-Fab trailer for lawn tractor tipper 500 kg

Here are some Agri-Fab trailer for lawn tractor tipper 500 kg

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Top 3 Agri-Fab trailer for lawn tractor tipper 500 kg

Top 3 Agri-Fab trailer for lawn tractor tipper 500 kg

Agri-Fab trailer for lawn tractor tipper 500 kg
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The American manufacturer Agri Fab produces various machines and equipment for the Garden- and Lawn care. With 40 years of experience, the company manufactures aids in all sizes and has thus also in the field of Lawn tractors trailer made a name. The reviewed trailer is a model with a total load from 500 kg.At the purchase price At the time of the review, that makes one price from 0.98 euros Per kilogram Payload, if we do that own weight the trailer of 60 kg settle up. The price the trailer is very high, but his payload also, so that we may be curious about the result. The Price-performance ratio In any case, sets a good value before.With the internal dimensions of 86 cm x 117 cm x 35 cm we calculate one content from 352 liters at level loading. The purchase price is the one price from 1.25 euros Per liter Ladeinhalt.Das Axial dimension of the trailer 96 cm and thanks to its small size, it can be pushed by hand into any driveway where the towing vehicles stop outside. The relatively large distance between the tire makes for a good one tractability and simple maneuvering, even with the big total weight.

Assembly and stability

The assembly in our review designed uncomplicated. With a little manual skill, it is even possible to build the trailer alone. The construction time was a good hour and is therefore classified as very good. The overall impression of trailer is excellent. The tub is reinforced at the corners with angles and thus makes a very stable impression. The loading port is out stole and thus withstands great loads, probably even bigger than the trailer is allowed to carry at all. The folding mechanism works easily and can be operated by any person without much effort. The air-filled tire have a deep profile for a good one liability on uneven surfaces such as fields or meadows, but of course also work on even surfaces such as asphalt. The tires are painted by a steel wheel worn and the tightness was evident in ours Long-term review as outstanding axis makes a very robust impression and carries the legal maximum weight without difficulty. Right on the axis is the tipping mounted, which is also very good stability and load-bearing capacity guaranteed. Securing the tilting device against unintentional tilt works perfectly and effectively prevents that To lose the charge.

Functions and accessories

The trailer has a standard device for Rocking the loading area. Thus, the charge can be unloaded easily and without much effort, without needing unnecessary time. Furthermore, the trailer has a loading hatch out stole at the back. This is meant that when loading the weigh not all have to be lifted over the walls, but directly on the load area can be pushed. The loading hatch can also be dismantled quickly if necessary, for example, to avoid damage. In addition, the trailer is standard with a trailer hitch in the form of a simple one pin coupling fitted. This allows attachment to numerous tractors, without having to make further acquisitions here. The Strength of the bolt and the nature of the clutch are the maximum load appropriately selected.

The stress review

Under full load, the trailer shows in every way that he is his price is worth. The tire and the axle carry that mass while the trailer remains largely maneuverable. The pin coupling tolerates the load and keeps the trailer firmly anchored to the towing vehicle load area withstands the strain and gives only minimal relief thanks to the built-in reinforcement on the underside. The exterior walls tolerate the pressure also easily and deform easily, but do not let a charge escape. When removing the load also disappeared the slight deformation maneuvering by hand is still possible under full load, but may be associated with risks if incorrectly loaded. However, this problem only exists if the trailer is too Heck Lastig is loaded. At a professional, central loading we see only a very small danger stress review the trailer has so in every way with an outstanding rating passed.

Our review conclusion

The pendant showed up in ours review from his best page.The loading over the hatch works fine and the hatch does not jam even when with a little dirt in it contact comes. Because the side walls not foldable and dismountable, this falls review The handling remains stable, even if the full burden is reached or even slightly exceeded. The tin tub has the Advantage, that with her quite high mass contributes to driving stability by keeping the center of gravity of the trailer low. Uneven terrain is therefore not a big threat to Agri Fab trailers. Uneven loading does not matter to the trailer. The stability the tub is so high that even a wrong load will not cause any damage. A load of front and rear with 70% and 30% coped easily with the trailer. The driving stability Of course it suffers from it, why nevertheless on uniform loading should be respected. The pin coupling was able to cope with all loads without suffering damage or deformation. Without a problem she pulled the maximum load and even something about it. full score for an excellent connection. The Agri Fab trailer has proven itself in all respects and thus its high price justified. The only downside is that, despite the high total weight only the simple one pin coupling was used instead of on a clearly resilient ball coupling proceed. This point would have made the evaluation perfect. So we forgive a proud yet rating from 1.1 and have ours Lawn tractor trailer comparison review winner found. Lawn tractor trailer now on Amazon view! Processing Functions Handling & comfort Price / performance


Thus, we awarded a still proud rating of 1.1 and have our grass tractor trailer comparison winner found. User Rating: Be the first one!

Agri-Fab trailer for lawn tractor tipper 500 kg

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Our Agri-Fab trailer for lawn tractor tipper 500 kg

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