5 typical mistakes when mowing the lawn

Here are some 5 typical mistakes when mowing the lawn

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Top 3 5 typical mistakes when mowing the lawn

Top 3 5 typical mistakes when mowing the lawn

5 typical mistakes when mowing the lawn
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If you do not care for your lawn optimally, you must watch it turn brown, gaps form and the weeds spread over the formerly beautiful area. Almost every garden lover knows this problem. It is often assumed that it is due to wrong grass seeds, low light conditions or overuse. The real reason is often simply the wrong lawn mowing. There are many mistakes that are responsible for a neglected lawn. The lawn is also mowed when the grass is wet. There are five mistakes that should be avoided when mowing the lawn.

Do not mow the lawn too short

The ideal time for the first mowing in the New Year is in April, because the stalks are still high enough this month. Then you should mow the lawn at regular intervals (for example, with our battery mower comparison winner), because this stimulates growth and prevents weed formation. It is also recommended the lawn not too shortwhen you return home after a holiday because the grass is longer than usual.

Fertilize lawn area regularly

Not only the right mowing is important, also the right fertilization is responsible for a beautiful lawn. Every time the lawn has been mowed, important nutrients are removed from it. Therefore he should Add fertilizer 6 to 8 weeks after the first mowing, Further fertilizers should then take place in summer and autumn respectively. If the lawn is not fertilized, the lawn will have gaps and no longer be healthy. The grass continues to die because weeds and moss spread on the lawn too. However, care should be taken that the lawn is properly fertilized. Many hobby gardeners distribute the fertilizer by hand, which is a big mistake, because the fertilizer is distributed unevenly on the lawn. To ensure optimum care, a fertilizer cart should be used, which is available at low prices in many home improvement stores.

Water properly

Who wants to keep a beautiful lawn permanently, must also on the proper irrigation respect, think highly of. The lawn should never be watered during the blazing midday sun, as the drops of water are reflective and produce the effect of a burning glass. The result is burnt stalks. The lawn should always be watered regularly, every two days in spring and every day in summer. However, irrigation should be postponed to the early morning or evening on particularly hot days. However, the lawn must not be over-watered, as too much water is used as a magnet for snails. The turf can only develop well if it gets enough water, as it dissolves the nutrients from the soil and leads to the roots. If the grass gets too little water, it can not penetrate deep enough into the soil and supply the roots sufficiently. But too much of a good thing will hurt, because a soaked soil magnetically attracts snails. It also creates the ideal breeding ground for moss. Proper watering takes about two hours.

Full concentration at the last mowing

For the turf to survive the coming winter, a few jobs have to be done, which in turn take time. In about two to three weeks, the lawn is then prepared for the winter. This work necessarily belongs the last mowing in the year. The best time for this is mid-October, because it is usually still very mild outside. In order to enjoy the well-tended lawn again next year, a lot of attention should be paid to the last mowing, which was not particularly important during the warm season. If you omit this care, the lawn will possibly be damaged and may suffer from fungal infestation. The fact that it does not even come to such an infestation, the lawn must not be too long in the winter time. Therefore, the last mowing, as already mentioned, is recommended to shift to mid-October. If you mow the lawn for the last time in August or September, you risk too long stalks under the snow, which causes fungi and other pathogens to find optimal conditions.

Lawn cut either mulching or removing

The same happens if the grass clippings remain on the surface after the last mowing. This can lead to many problems in midsummer and is not correct even in the colder months. Otherwise, ugly, brown and bald spots will form in the lawn until spring. Therefore, the grass clippings should be removed. This succeeds, for example, with a rake effortlessly. If there are leaves and fallen fruits on the lawn after the last mowing, both should be removed as well as they can cause great damage under a blanket of snow. The lawn should also be given the gift of special fertilizer before winter so that it can protected in the cold months. However, no summer fertilizer should be used for this, which would ensure a renewed growth. It is better to use special herbage fertilizer. This is available in hardware stores or garden centers and provides the lawn with potassium. This improves the immune system and additionally strengthens the tissue. Bald spots in the lawn can be reseeded before winter. If the sowing was carried out in October, the turf will shine again next year in complete splendor, if all tips have been implemented correctly.As a summary, then, that the lawn should never be mowed too early in the new year. The best time for this is April. The lawn should be mowed frequently but never too short. He should not be shorter than 4 centimeters, especially if he has not been mowed for an extended period of time. The ideal length is 6 to 7 inches. The blades of the lawn mower should always be sharp. It is also important that the entire lawn cut is removed to allow the lawn to breathe. It is also important to feed with nutrients, so the lawn should be fertilized up to three times a year. The fertilizer must be distributed evenly on the lawn. Bald spots may be sown. Regular watering should also not be forgotten. Before the summer it is enough to water the lawn every two days, in the summer it may be watered daily, but not too humid and should not be watered in the blazing midday heat. Irrigation is recommended in the morning or in the evening. If all the tips are kept, every garden owner can look forward to his dense, healthy and green lawn again in the New Year.Swell: https://www.t-online.de/lifestyle/heim-und-garten/id_41755782/rasenmaehen-die-haeufigsten-fehler-beim-rasenmaehen.htmlwww.zuhause.de/fehler-beim-rasenmaehen-vermeiden-tipps/ id_54726576 / index https://heimwerker.topnews.de/1053-garten-haeufige-fehler-beim-rasenmaehen-im-herbst-vermeiden

5 typical mistakes when mowing the lawn

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