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Bruno's Amish Organic Harvest

We promise you that you will be satisfied with every product that you purchase from us. 

We are committed to local Organic foods.  We eat 100% local Organic food as a family, so we know the food very well.   We have been privileged to join the Amish Organic Farm co-op and work hand-to-hand with their sustainable farming practices. We are here to work with you and your family to get the best for less. Do not hesitate to call, email or even text (219-306-5708) us your questions. Thank you for visiting us, and we hope that you will take advantage of our HEALTHY SAVINGS DELIVERED FRESH TO YOUR DOOR!

Thank you and God bless!!

Hello, Friends!

Welcome to Amish Organic Harvest Home Delivery Service!!  Many of you know us has Brunos Organics. Where we offer you the Amish Farms healthiest organically produced dairy, organic produce, grass-fed meats, free range chickens and hens (eggs) and lots of groceries to save you time and money and get you healthy.  When our produce is not from our farms then we offer Certified Organic. Then we deliver them fresh to your door for less!

Our products are guaranteed to be GMO, Antibiotic, Chemical and Growth Hormone FREE! It's fresh, delicious, and affordable!  We guarantee you will be satisfied.   Delivery is convenient, environmentally friendly, and very easy - Order by 1pm Tuesday and receive your order either Thursday (Illinois), Friday (NW Indiana)

Delivery is cheap (only $7!), and you can pick up for free.

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Browse 24 hours a day.  Saturday Afternoon changes are made for the new products, specials and for the Amish Farms this week only specials!

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Contact us:  (219) 881-0212

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